By: Sirbuservices  05/12/2011
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Window cleaning - Reach and Wash

By using 100% pure laboratory graded water pumped through light weight carbon fibre telescopic poles, we are able to reach and wash windows at heights exceeding 65 feet (6 floors) without the use of ladders.

Using the latest industrial cleaning technologies, equipment, and practices we supply an environmentally safe window washing service. We take the necessary care at all times to ensure the safety of our staff and those around us.

  • The Reach & Wash System cleans more efficiently than conventional methods.
  • The most effective Pure Water window cleaning system available.
  • Cleans Windows, Atria, Paneling, Canopies and Facia to a spot free finish.
  • Eliminates the need for ladders and high access equipment.
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground.
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.
  • Environmentally friendly, no detergents or chemicals are used.
  • Easily reaches windows over lawns and flower beds.
  • No detergent residue means that windows stay cleaner for longer.
  • Cleans frames at same time as glass.

Simply The Safest Way

The Health and Safety in the work place is of paramount importance. Ladders and high access equipment can be eliminated, reducing costs, whilst ensuring safety. Enjoy the assurance that comes from knowing that some accidents simply cannot happen.

Better Cleaning Results

The Pure Water from the System produces the most excellent results, drying more quickly to a spotless and streak free finish. No detergent means no sticky post clean residues, therefore windows stay cleaner..longer!

All of our staff is certificated by "The British window cleaning academy"

Keywords: cleaning system, window cleaning, Window Cleaning System, Window Washing

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