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By: Singlepoint Solutions  05/12/2011

The SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker enables organizations to manage and operate governance around both private and public cloud integration. As SAAS cloud integration becomes more prevalent, technology departments will require to control and govern the integration to their internal IT assets and external SAAS providers. SinglePoint’s Cloud Service Broker provides a mechanism to allow users to locate available private and public services through a secure mechanism within a service library and enables the services to be provisioned, monitored and billed for in a controlled manner.

The SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker includes:

  • Security: provides a mechanism to enable secure interaction of both in- and outbound Cloud integration
  • Provisioning: provides a mechanism to provision service users of in- and outbound Cloud Services
  • Service Library: provides a mechanism to enable adding and enabling in- and outbound Cloud services and configure their billing, reporting and monitoring characteristics
  • Reporting: reporting on Cloud Service usage and SLAs
  • Billing: billing of cloud usage both for inbound Cloud Services and outbound Services

The SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker is typically deployed for the following use-cases:

  1. Your company wants to expose a number of Services in your Private Cloud to external parties, e.g. you want to expose a ‘Click to pay’ service that allows external content providers to bill your customers for content they buy.
    In this scenario the SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker acts as a secure gateway, protecting your underlying infrastructure and systems against mis-use and Denial of Service attacks while actively monitoring your agreed SLAs. The Cloud Service Broker generates usage reports and revenue share billing information for the different content providers that can be integrated with your Finance department’s IT systems.
  2. Your company has a number of users / departments or IT Applications that want to make use of external Public Cloud Services, e.g. an external credit vetting Service used by your Retail and Credit Control departments.
    The SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker here acts as a secure broker, translating and transforming the internally used credentials and message formats of your Retail and Credit Control departments to the credentials and message formats used to access the external Service. It generates reports and billing information on total Service usage and usage per department while actively monitoring the SLAs agreed with the credit vetting Service provider.

Note that more often than not these two use cases are combined; the SinglePoint Cloud Service Broker is then deployed behind the corporate firewall (see product positioning one below) acting both as a gateway for incoming 3rd party service requests and outgoing requests to 3rd party Service providers.

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