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By: Simply Zesty  05/12/2011

If there was ever an example to prove how much our quality of life can change when everyone is connected, then this is it. Ericsson in Hungary had connected the small town of Bóly, a town with a modest population of roughly 4,000, to a fibre optic home network, resulting in a huge increase in the quality of life there…

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However, the company have gradually introduced advertising products and grown its consumer base of advertisers buying promoted tweets, accounts and trends slowly. Twitter will begin rolling out their long-awaited self-serve ad platform, allowing payment through credit card, with a group of around 20 different advertisers. Reported by Adage, such a service had been planned since Twitter first introduced promoted tweets into their timeline.


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It’s the most significant change Facebook have brought to ads, integrating them into a very real way into organic activity. Facebook are set to roll out sponsored stories into the real time news ticker in user’s profiles. It’s a good thing for brands.


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However, there are a few signs that things could be about to change significantly, and a lot of it has to do with mobile and smart phones. Here we have a look at some of the small signs that are pointing towards a change in the search landscape. Search really hasn’t changed all that much mostly because of Google’s dominance of the market.