By: Silverwood Studios  05/12/2011

  • Recording Audio: Facility to record audio including engineer.
  • Production: Producer to help organise, structure and advice during the recording session. This is a free option.
  • Mixing: Mixing tracks, editing & overdubs including projects from home studios & other studios. This service is designed for people who want help, a fresh pair of ears or want to use some of the valve/analog equipment to finish off a project.
  • Artist Development: If an artist wants to produce a demo CD but needs help with song writing, musical suggestions or advice, this facility is available at no extra cost.
  • VO/Editing/Mastering: Voice over recordings, radio/TV music editing/mastering
  • Location Recording/Live Album Production: Recording live gigs including recording overdubs/Editing & Mixing. Comes as a complete package.
  • Advice: Hiring sessions musicians, Getting string arrangements, equipment use, manufacturing CD & Promotion. This service is free as the whole process can be a mine field


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