The Shopguard's Octopus security products enable LIVE merchandising of valuable electronic products, such as GSM, PDA, GPS, MP3, - central units

By: Shopguard  05/12/2011
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Shopguard control units are available with 1-8-16-24-32 outputs. The variety of different sizes offers the freedom to choose the proper and most cost efficient version according to the number of products displayed.

Our central units are operated by digital keys, making it impossible to turn the system off with a copied or tampered key. Key pads, remote controls and our RFID identification key enable secure and easy daily operation.

The Master 8 in combination with Slave units is an expandable system which handles products from 8 to 64 items. Slave units can be attached to the network individually depending on the number of products displayed.

The Smart Power masters are brand new central units with Integrated Charging Capability for GSM, GPS, PDA, PNA, MP3, MP4 products. One PSU (available in EU, UK, US, AUS version) powers up the unit and feeds all attached products with power. Connected products are not powered constantly, but periodically in order to protect the battery and the product itself. This cycle of intermittent powering ensures that no product is overcharged.

DigiMonopus: Small, rechargeable central to protect 1 single item via a loop alarm sensor. To be operated by a digital on/off key. The unit has a lift detector (unit alarms if lifted) and needs to be attached to an even surface by the adhesive sticker it is delivered with. The digiMonopus has an integrated battery pack, which, if fully charged, can secure a product for 8-12 weeks. Low battery indicator light provided on the unit. The unit can be recharged by using our standard and individual GSM chargers. If needed, the unit can be powered constantly. The digiMonopus can also power up merchandise if a junction box / booster /PSU is attached to it.

master 16

master 24

master 32

Master16 VRS

smart power 32

master 8

slave module





external buzzer with numeric display: p060337


external buzzer, flasher units

big lamp

big lamp

ON.OFF key, programming key
p060042, p060043

remote control RX for Master8

remote control TX green

remote control TX red

psu for master16,24,32

PSU for master8


battery pack for masters


Keywords: Adhesive Sticker, Battery Pack, Control Units, Indicator Light, junction box, Low Battery Indicator, Remote Control, remote controls, Security Products,

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The Shopguard's Octopus security products enable LIVE merchandising of valuable electronic products, such as GSM, PDA, GPS, MP3, - main sensors

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