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By: Shimmer Research  05/12/2011
Keywords: Application Development, wireless sensor, wireless sensor network

Shimmer Research develops, manufactures, and distributes a range of products that lead wireless sensing innovation. Whether you are looking to integrate wireless sensing into your existing product, develop a new product to capture the next big wave in computing or wish to set up a research application – Shimmer Research has the solution for your.

From a range of development kits right through to an OEM development program, Shimmer Research has leading expertise in application development and systems integration. See full product details by selecting one of the products from the following categories:

Wireless Sensor Network Development kits are ideal for new customers, and provide all the necessary equipment to allow you to set up and start your application. Designed to meet a range of sensing specialties, the development kits also offer a discount from purchasing the contents individually. Incuded in every kit are programming/charging docks, quick start programming environment, manuals, Shimmer units, and sensor modules.

The Shimmer platform has a range of expansion modules available for complex motion sensing (Kinematics), vital signs and biofeedback (Biophysical), and ambient sensing (PIR, GPS, Temperature). The expansion modules are connected to the Shimmer platform to become operational, with the ratio of expansion modules to Shimmer units at 1 to 1.

** Please note: New customers will need to purchase a Development Kit prior to purchasing individual units and modules. This is to ensure that they have all the items necessary to set up their sensing application (such as programming dock, quick start environment, manual, etc).

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Keywords: Application Development, wireless sensor, wireless sensor network

Other products and services from Shimmer Research


Platinum Development Kit

The Shimmer Platinum Development Kit provides developers with a comprehensive tool set to support rapid design, prototyping and implementation of wireless solutions based on the state of the art Shimmer platform. The Platinum Development Kit includes a full range of sensing modules to support the development of Biophysical, Kinematic, or Ambient sensing applications.


Motion Development Kit

The Shimmer unit is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, easily integrating into existing systems and technologies The Shimmer Motion Development Kit combining Gyro and Accelerometer offers 6 degrees of freedom and is used currently for the following applications to name a few.


Cardio Development Kit

Complete with three assembled Shimmer ECG units, the Cardio Development Kit records the pathway of electrical impulses through the heart muscle, and can be recorded on resting and ambulatory subjects, or during exercise to provide information on the heartâ??s response to physical exertion.