Cardio Development Kit

By: Shimmer Research  05/12/2011
Keywords: Wireless Network, Wireless Solutions, Software Tools


The Shimmer Cardio Development Kit provides developers with a comprehensive tool set to support rapid design, prototyping and implementation of wireless solutions based on the state of the art Shimmer platform. The kit provides a complete development environment for Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15.4, or local storage in body worn applications.

Complete with three assembled Shimmer ECG units, the Cardio Development Kit records the pathway of electrical impulses through the heart muscle, and can be recorded on resting and ambulatory subjects, or during exercise to provide information on the heart’s response to physical exertion.

The Kit can be utilised to monitor and stream heart rate and detect arrhythmias for real time patient monitoring. Combined with Shimmer’s integrated accelerometer, a clearer insight can be given to the wearer’s activity and condition.

Using the Shimmer Cardio Development Kit enables the user to capture raw data and as it is supported by a range of development software tools and applications including LabVIEW and C# applications this ensures simplicity in the creation of wearable wireless solutions.

Package Highlights

Based on programmable Shimmer unit with versatile range of uses:

  • Sensing capabilities include – Accelerometer and Tilt/Vibration and ECG
  • Highly configurable, multi-functional sensing platform for wireless sensor network /ad-hoc wireless network
  • Integrated Bluetooth and 802.15.4 radios for wireless communications, peer-to-peer contact, and mesh networking
  • Local storage via 2GB microSD card for data logging applications
  • Customization and configuration of target devices or receivers

Features and Benefits

The kit supplies researchers and developers with the necessary supports to realise market ready wireless solutions:

Highly Configurable
  • Can be programmed to meet your specific application, with configurable sensitivity, sampling rate, transmission rate and frequency, communication protocols, and packet formats

  • Shimmer platform easily integrates and interacts with existing systems and technologies

No Proprietary Software
  • Full access to all raw sensed data to interpret data specific to your application, product or service requirements

Supporting Application
  • Supporting developer applications including labVIEW, ShimmerConnect, and a full range of TinyOS firmware


  • Optimised Ambulatory ECG provides quick recovery from movement artefacts
  • Event Monitoring and Recording
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Premature Ventricular Contraction
  • Heart Function Monitoring
  • Abnormal Rhythm Detection and Alert

Keywords: Data Logging, development software, Local Storage, Mesh Networking, proprietary software, Software Tools, Wireless Network, wireless sensor, wireless sensor network, Wireless Solutions

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