By: Shearmasonry  05/12/2011

                  (Shearmasonry Are An Installation Only Company)


Shearmasonry provide a broad range of consultancy services including material selection and Installation

as well as full project assessment, planning and management including stringent health & safety compliance.

Material Selection.

Working with a diverse selection from nature's igneous (granite), metamorphic (marble and slate) and sedimentry

(limestone and sandstone) materials,  each unique to their own properties and demanding care in workmanship,

Shearmasonry provide expert guidance to help clients chose the best materials and application whist applying the

highest standards of design aesthetics. 


Shearmasonry have delivered on time and to budget single projects up to 12,000sqm including some of the most

prestigious, encompassing all aspects of range external stone facades such as DPM's, insulation's, fire barriers,

secondary steel works amongst many others

Internal works ranging from delicate marble and soft Limestone to hard granites on walls and floors has been our

signature of  impeccable workmanship.