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By: Sharon O'brien Auctioneers  05/12/2011

Selling Guide

Below we have compiled our top ten tips for selling your home. We feel that knowing these tips will greatly increase your prospects of selling your home.

Don't forget that when you are ready to sell your own home or property, we are ready to listen and can be contacted directly through the site to answer your every question.

Our Top Ten Tips for Selling Your Home

  1. It is very important to make a good first impression. Keep the front of your house tidy. Keep grass cut, trim hedges, touch up paint and put out some planted tubs.

  2. A newly painted front door looks good. At night turn on the porch or hall light. Make sure the house is warm and if you have an open fire in the living room light it.

  3. Pets should neither be seen nor heard. Keep them out of the house if possible, not everybody likes them.

  4. It is not worthwhile redecorating unless it is badly needed or if the colour scheme is very distinctive. Neutral colours are best if redecorating. Décor is not likely to add any value. Clean windows and finish any DIY jobs you have been meaning to get around to.

  5. The kitchen is a very important room when it comes to selling your property. Make sure it is clean and de-cluttered. Some fresh flowers are a good idea to get rid of any strong smells such as those from animals or cooking.

  6. After the kitchen the presentation of the bathroom is important. Keep it clean and tidy.

  7. It is very important that bedrooms look spacious. If there is excess belongings or furniture remove them.

  8. Storage space is another item that will be high on the potential purchasers list of priorities. You should show this off to its full potential by keeping cupboards, attic and hot press tidy and de-cluttered.

  9. It is best to keep viewing times for when the house will be the quietest. You do not want the potential purchasers to feel as if they are intruding on you. Also do not have too many people present at the one time.

  10. Point out the features of each room but let the potential purchaser view the property at their own pace.