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By: Shaker75  05/12/2011
Keywords: Cocktail, Menu Design

Our Services

Please note that we do NOT sell alcoholic beverages to the public. We provide a full range of bartending services nationwide. We will be happy to assist you with placing an order and providing a point of sale through a licensed retailer.

Hen/Stag Parties

Enjoy a mini cocktail course for you and your friends in your hen/stag party. This involves you and your hens/stags being taught how to free pour, cocktail making methods and equipment and being shown how to make classic cocktails. On arrival you will receive a complementary surprise shooter to ease you into the lesson, also at the end of the class you will get to drink all your hard work and there will be bar snacks laid on if you get a bit peckish. This course is immense fun, especially with the alcohol involved!

Weddings, Corporate Events

For Weddings or Corporate Events hiring Shaker75 will guarantee that everyone has a great time and will be talking about the event for weeks afterwards. Imagine the joy on the faces of your guests as they enter the room and see a full cocktail bar setup - they won't be able to resist.

Cocktail Masterclass

If your interest in drinking goes beyond the bottom of a glass and you'd like to know more about the history of cocktails, where spirits come from and why some are better than others then this class is the place for you!

In-House Training and Consultancy

Cocktail making lessons are a great skill to learn, impress your friends when you have them next time for dinner. You will be guided by the Shaker75 mixologists through four of the world’s most popular cocktails before putting your new found skills to the test with your very own concoction.

Drink & Cocktail Menu Design

At Shaker75 we are happy to create a mouth watering, marketable and practical drinks menu for all our clients. Our experience and library of research and resources allows us to design drinks and menus to suit almost all environments, taking a practical profit minded approach to cocktail and menu design.

Keywords: Cocktail, Menu Design