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By: Servicesource  05/12/2011

Common Challenges

When your company sells through a direct sales force, you may face the following challenges:

  • Limited sales coverage. Dedicating sufficient resources to renewals across your entire customer base can be difficult, particularly for smaller customers or international markets.
  • Limited end customer interaction. Your limited service renewal resources may require you to narrow your focus to top strategic customers, excluding customers in other segments.
  • Lack of focus and expertise. Your service sales may be managed by field or product sales people who are not well-trained or compensated to sell services. Or your renewals may be handled as a back-office or administrative function.
  • Poor visibility into services sales pipeline. Because information about service revenue is often spread across many systems, you may have limited visibility into your pipeline and performance to drive accurate forecasting.

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Solutions - ServiceSource

In 10 years of delivering service revenue solutions across various countries, industries, and sales channels, ServiceSource has attained an unmatched level of expertise that empowers our customers to achieve unprecedented service revenue performance. In fact, we increase customers' contract renewal rates on average by 10 to 25 percentage points, and in some cases up to 40 points, dramatically increasing their revenue and profits.


Overview - ServiceSource

Our industry leading solution can tackle virtually any challenge you face in increasing revenue from maintenance, support, and subscription contracts—and we deliver it on a unique pay-for-performance basis. Best of all, you can trust us to meet your specific requirements, because our bold pay-for-performance model means we only get paid on the sales that we close on your behalf.


Channel Enablement - ServiceSource

With our Channel Enablement solution, you can benefit from improvements in renewal revenues, partner satisfaction, and visibility into channel performance in as little as 60 days. We establish a dedicated renewal sales team that drives the renewal process with your channel partners to immediately improve and close service renewal sales. Service Channel Sales & Management.


Reseller Sales - ServiceSource

Technology resellers and distributors face continual challenges in meeting vendors' expectations and hitting margin and rebate targets. Your sales force is well-trained to sell products, but they may lack the expertise in selling services. Difficulty covering the entire customer base. Competing priorities within the sales force. Lack of good data about service renewals.


Subscription Lifecycle - ServiceSource

Your company may be growing rapidly – but this growth may outpace your ability to drive adoption and renewals across your entire customer base. The number of SaaS and subscription offers in the market is growing rapidly – creating more alternatives for your customers. Increased competition and low switching costs.


Enterprise - ServiceSource

Software, hardware, and tech-based healthcare and life sciences companies that operate across geographies and business lines often face poor renewals performance on maintenance, support and subscription contracts due to. Compounding your data problems, the systems that run your business are most likely product-focused and not built to manage and optimize service revenue, which is a very different business process.