Are surveys right for my business

By: Sensorpro  05/12/2011

Online Surveys Made Easy

Getting the Right Information at the Right Time

One of the major problems with traditional survey methods (for example print and telephone) is that by the time you have received the information, you have lost the opportunity to act or even worse you may have lost a valuable customer to the competition. With online surveys, the results are available as soon as the survey is completed by the respondent. This allows you to react to mission critical responses decisively and immediately.

Multiple Deployment Options

Instant Results

All effective marketing and support efforts are results orientated. The granular results available in SensorPro will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse and prepare appropriate action plans. Overall summary results are available and these can be drilled down to the individual page or question level and to the individual user level so that you can 'slice and dice' the data any way you wish. Easy to understand reports are available and all result data can be downloaded to excel for further analysis if necessary.