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By: Sensl  05/12/2011
Keywords: Measurement Instruments, Low Light Sensors, Photon Counting Systems,

Photon Counting Systems

The core of all SensL detectors products are low light sensors which can convert low light, down to the single photon level, into a measurable signal. In photon counting the challenge is to convert this photon into an electrical signal and then count or time the arrival time of the photon.

Photon counting sensors are digital devices which can provide precise information on the number of photons arriving at the detector or the arrival time of the photon or both pieces of information as is required by the application.

SensL products in this area are the PCDMicro and the PCDMini which can be combined with SensL measurement instruments such as the HRMTime for the development of full photon counting and timing instrumentation. This represents a leading edge combination of performance, compactness and flexibility for system designers and OEMs looking to incorporate leading edge technology into their products.

A review of the products SensL offers in this area is below:

Keywords: Low Light Sensors, Measurement Instruments, Photon Counting Systems,

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To aid our customers in the adoption and integration of our technology, SensL have developed a full range of products and services which allow our customers to quickly evaluate, integrate and go to market. These are developed to provide the highest uniformity and engineering standards, and best mix of price and performance in the industry.


Silicon Photomultipliers |

SensL’s Silicon Photomultipliers have performance characteristics similar to a conventional PMT, while benefiting from the practical advantages of solid-state technology: low operating voltage, robustness, compactness, insensitivity to magnetic fields and light over-exposure.


Measurement Instruments |

These systems are ideal for use with a range of SensL detectors but in keeping with the modular design philosophy from SensL, the systems will also work with a wide range of commercially available detectors in the marketplace such as PIN and APD based photodiodes, PMT and MCP based technology.