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By: Select Strategies  05/12/2011
Keywords: Baseline Assessment

Making growth happen needs a shared vision of the direction the company is taking, the distinctive competencies you have to get you there and a team all pulling in the same direction. Without it people will do their own thing and it will be all but impossible to craft a winning strategy. With it, every decision made - from target customer selection through to product development - has a common foundation of what is trying to be achieved. Put simply a shared vision is the common answer to "what do you want to be famous for".

The second stage of our process facilitates and ensures the development of a shared vision for your business and a common commitment to achieving it.

Our approach involves:

A one day facilitated workshop covering

  • A review and sign off on the baseline assessment
  • A fleshing out of the company mindset - how things get done around here, what are the cores ways of thinking and acting every day and are they aligned with a strategy of growth?
  • A rigorous and realistic thrashing out of what your shared vision is and common consensus on what you want to be famous for?
  • A debate and deliberation on the distinctive competencies that will make you win - in short, what are you really good at?
  • Setting the stretch objectives - concrete goals and specific timelines that make a shared vision real.

Our output delivers:

  • An agreed and signed off baseline assessment
  • An agreed and commonly articulated shared vision that will make growth happen

Keywords: Baseline Assessment

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