By: Seed Technology  05/12/2011

Seed Technology Limited are leaders in the development of new seed & crop varieties and the market leader in plant intellectual property. At Seed Technology we have an intensive variety selection trialing system of genetic material from all over the world and produce a wide range of seeds in Ireland for different customers and uses. Seed Technology are the leading wholesale seed company in Ireland selling directly to large and small retailers in the Irish market.


Seedtech were one of the first to introduce maize to Ireland and from then the maize market has continually evolved to one of an increased role for plastic and the emergence of better varieties and husbandry techniques. Today the Irish market stands at approximately 22,000 hectares.

We represent and select suitable material from all the key hybrid maize breeders such as KWS, Limagrain, Euralis and Maisadour. Key to our success has been the intensive trialing system for both plastic and non-plastic varieties, where hybrid varieties are screened extensively in our trial farm in County Kilkenny and also on three other trial/demonstration sites around the country.

Due to the success of our trialling system Seedtech varieties make up 4 of the 8 varieties on the Department of Agriculture Recommended List for 2011.

Customers and farmers are invited to visit our trial site and view all our varieties currently in trials. Our technical team will be on site and happy to discuss any aspects of the trials.

Maize Watch 2011

The objective of MAIZE WATCH is to closely monitor key Seedtech maize varieties through the last developing stages before harvest. A weekly update will be uploaded over the next four weeks to demonstrate the dry down of maize crops and to identify ideal harvesting times for 2011. Please see below interesting results from Seedtech’s Maize Trials system for week 1 & 2. 

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