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By: Secchiaroli Farm  05/12/2011
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Recycling Services offered by A.
Secchiaroli & Sons Inc.
  • Food waste recycling and consultation.
  • If your business is in the food serving industry , we
    can save you money.
  • Free consultation on your waste disposal practices
    can potentially save you thousands to tens of
    thousands of dollars per year.
Depending on the size of your operation, by segregating your
food waste  for recycling, and diverting it from your waste stream
you can save dramatically on your disposal cost . In a typical
restaurant, you may be generating 50% of your trash weight from
recyclable food scraps. At an estimated tipping fee of per of
$90/ton, its like throwing money out the window. If your trash
hauler doesn't charge you by the ton, he should be. Even if he's
not, you are still paying for it because the food waste takes up
space which means more pick ups for the trash guy and more
money out of your pocket. So it just makes cents for you as a
business to source segregate your food waste and contact us to
see how much money we can save you. Local Recycling Global

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Keywords: food waste, Recycling