Sales Training

By: Seanweafer  05/12/2011

Learn how to successfully find and keep high net worth clients.

Today's business professionals should be able to sell 'to the heart and not just to the head'.

This unique blended learning programme in engaging with high net worth clients has helped relationship management and sales teams from Microsoft, British Telecom, AXA, HSBC Bank and Grant Thornton  to:

  • Create compelling high-trust client messages that grab a valued clients' attention and make them 'memorable'.
  • Create a confident and pro-active new business mind-set in today's challenging markets.
  • Show how to use networking as a low-pressure strategy to find and keep valuable clients.
  • Build deep levels of rapport and trust with clients through powerful psychological techniques.
  • Help successfully influence client decisions and manage the long-term relationship.
  • Control client meetings, objections and buying decisions
  • Develop convincing, high-level presentation and pitching skills whether to one or to many.

After 25 years in relationship management and selling and as an analytical hypnotherapist, a psychotherapist and an NLP master for many years, Seán Weafer has a fresh approach to client acquisiton and retention training.

In ClientEQ® - High Trust Relationships he has captured what the world's greatest relationship management and sales people do naturally so that he can train others to perform at their very best.


Traditional sales training has changed.

We know that traditional sales training fails to deliver the change we look for in our relationship  managementand sales teams. That's why SellingEQ® uses the latest blended and accelerated learning techniques to work at deeper levels to change business behaviours - as well as skills.

Designed as a modular programme (less time away from the clients and a more specific topic-focus to help learning) made up of 6 x live half-day training modules, learning guides (whcih include audio CDs of the 6 seminars, coaching exercises, articles and assessment sheets) - which develops a 'long-tail' to the process - bringing repetition and accountability to the training and changing behaviours- AND 90 days of email coaching after the training has completed for each of the sales team.  

EQ = Emotional Quotient  and ClientEQ™ = the successful acqusition and retention of new and existing clients through world-class relationship management.

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Blending this expertise with his expertise in coaching and mentoring he has created a model for personal evolution and transcendence called The Way of the Noble Soul which is evolving into a programme of transcendental coaching - working with people to move from a life of survival to a life and a legacy of significance.


Coaching Skills

A founder member and until recently an Honorary Vice President of the Association for Coaching in London, he has trained hundreds of managers in the key competencies of coaching and mentoring. Managers need to be competent and properly trained in the collaborative, influential and performance-focused skills of coaching. Since then Seán has become a thought-leader and acknowledged expert in the fields of both coaching and mentoring.


Executive Coaching

All SWL coaching programmes are based on Seán Weafer's unique G2S® coaching system and include your own personal coaching system and personal psychometric report. Provide an experienced 'second mind' to help develop new solutions and objectives.



No ‘theory-fluff’ just real-world, simple, usable networking skills that can grow your sales, business network and personal branding to new heights of influence and profits. Then learn to understand the soul of networking- the deep structure of networking - that makes you master of the networking room. Do you want to be a position to get their full and undivided attention to make your business proposal.


Team Communications

Using a fascinating 23-page personal report that are unique to each delegate on their preferred style of communication - as well as exercises, games and inter-team discussions - the day awakens the team to understanding the different personalities at play in their team and how to more effectively connect with people both inside and outside the team.


Keynote Speaking

Learn how to move from 'black and white' communication to communicating in 'glowing rainbows of colour' and the power and influence that gives the audience to connect, involve and engage with clients and colleagues at a deeper level than ever before.