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By: Seagram Capital  05/12/2011

Press Release (2011-05-19)

Seagram Capital is expected to announce confirmation that it will spearhead a private equity fund in July 2011 with a capital base of $200m. The fund, a British Virgin Island entity, listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange, consist of a network of high net worth private and corporate clients of Investec Bank PLC and Fairbaine Private Bank. Based on the current gearing levels of debt to equity of 60/40 within which Seagram Capital are working, this will give the fund market firepower equivalent of $500m for target transactions.

Press Release (2011-04-04)

Seagram Capital announced that it has established the 'white night rescue fund' aimed at distressed equity holders in the London City and West End market places along with certain major cities within Europe.

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