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By: Scott Cawley  05/12/2011
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Protected Species


Scott Cawley are established in the field of bat surveying in Ireland and undertake a range of different types of bat surveys in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Bats and their roosts are protected under both Irish and International and are frequently encountered in both rural and urban settings.

Buildings at Risk

Paul Scott and Aebhin Cawley are on the Heritage Council Panel of Bat Workers and undertake surveys for the Heritage Council for Buildings at Risk Grant Applications.

Case Study: Protection and enhancement of Pipistrelle roost at Emo Court, Co. Laois.


Bat Roost Surveys

Scott Cawley undertake bat surveys for a range of building types including churches, stately homes, private residences, underground structures and abandoned buildings. All surveys are carried out in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust, Bat Mitigation Guidelines for Ireland and the National Roads Authority Guidelines on Protection of Bats. Scott Cawley ecologists are licenced by the National Parks and Wildlife Service to enter potential roost sites to undertake surveys.

Scott Cawley ecologists are equipped with the latest in ultrasound detection equipment and analysis software as well as infra-red recording to ensure efficient surveying effort wherever possible.

Bat Foraging Surveys

In some cases, proposed developments may fragment bat foraging corridors. Scott Cawley ecologists have carried out surveys of bat activity in a range of habitat types to detect where bats are foraging and propose a range of mitigation measures.

Bat Mitigation Design and Implementation

Where bats may be affected by proposed developments, Scott Cawley prepare a strategic approach to ensure that developments may proceed in a manner that allows bat populations to sustain within the environment and comply with national and international law and licensing requirements. Scott Cawley ecologists routinely obtain Derogation Licences to allow them to carry out bat mitigation works under the EC Habitats Directive.


Bat Monitoring and Research

Scott Cawley staff participate in national bat monitoring programmes including the 2006 Daubenton’s Bat Survey. Scott Cawley also contribute toward the Bat Conservation Ireland Bat distribution database.

Case study: Phoenix Park Bat Surveys


Badgers and their setts are protected under Irish law and are commonly encountered during survey work. Scott Cawley also carry out a range of specialist services in this area.

National Primary Routes

Surveys undertaken along proposed road alignments in accordance with best practice methodologies to record presence of badgers and to inform environmental design.

Badger Sett Monitoring, Exclusion and Excavation

Scott Cawley staff have undertaken sett monitoring, exclusion and excavation works for setts in urban and rural locations in accordance with international best practice and are recognised specialist by National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Artificial Sett Creation

Artificial setts have been created to solve several cases of where there have been significant effects upon badgers. Sett design, construction and monitoring are undertaken by Scott Cawley staff.



Otters and their holts are protected under Irish and international law and are encountered during survey work. Scott Cawley carry out the following range of specialist services in this area.


Scott Cawley ecologists carry out otter surveys with respect to proposed road developments and other developments that may affect otter ecology.


Works are carried out with respect to holt exclusion and artificial holt creation.


Ireland is one of the most important countries in Europe for migratory wildfowl and waders. Scott Cawley undertake monitoring surveys during autumn and winter at a range of coastal and inland sites in order to measure and evaluate long-term trends in bird populations and to determine the status of specific locations where proposed developments may impact upon bird populations.

Scott Cawley also undertake breeding and foraging raptor surveys to record species such as hen harrier, barn owl and merlin.

In addition to these specialist surveys offered by Scott Cawley ecologists, we have established a network of specialist ecologists that are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable environmental scientist in the country.

Additional Services

Additional services provided by our professional colleagues include:

  • Air, Noise, Soil and water quality monitoring;
  • Molluscs;
  • (Lepidoptera) Butterflies and moths;
  • Lamprey and Crayfish;
  • Freshwater and Marine modelling.

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Scott Cawley - Environmental Consultancy & Environmental Management Services - services

Environmental Impact Assessment management and coordination of Environmental Impact Statement. Ecological constraints and opportunities assessments at pre-planning stage. Strategic environmental constraints assessments at pre-planning stage. Management of public and private consultation exercises. BREEAM Surveys (Suitably Qualified Ecologists. Phase I JNCC habitat surveys and mapping. Professional advice on project design.


Scott Cawley - Environmental Consultancy & Environmental Management Services - ecology

Staff at Scott Cawley are all members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and their standards of surveying and reporting are in accordance with the IEEM’s Code of Professional Practice and also formal surveying standards applicable in Ireland. Scott Cawley have excellent experience of ecological surveying techniques at various stages of development planning and design.


Scott Cawley - Environmental Consultancy & Environmental Management Services - preliminary assessments

Scott Cawley have helped to inform developers during the initial design masterplanning stages prepared for large areas by identifying key ecological constraints and in describing opportunities for restoration and conservation. Several major development schemes have benefited from integrating environmental issues into the design at the earliest possible stages of planning.


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One of Scott Cawley’s core services is undertaking site surveys and producing high quality mapping and reports that accurately and objectively describe the baseline environment. Scott Cawley staff are trained as ecologists with a detailed knowledge of habitat identification and valuation and identification of aquatic and terrestrial fauna and flora.


Scott Cawley - Environmental Consultancy & Environmental Management Services - specialist surveys

Scott Cawley has established a network of specialist ecologists that are some of the most experienced and renowned environmental scientists in Ireland. These ecologists provide surveys and professional advisory services with respect to certain protected species. Scott Cawley undertake specialist fauna and flora surveys in a range of circumstances including.


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Environmental issues tend to encompass local as well as broader issues and inevitably involve uncertainty, particularly in relation to risk assessment. Investing in public consultation during the early planning stages often avoids lengthy and costly delays due to controversial objections and appeals. Consultation is involved in much of our work, from EIAs and pre-planning consultations to Site Selection studies for proposed developments.