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By: Scope Software  05/12/2011

Scope Services

What we do
Our objective is to help your business become more effective and efficient while reducing costs and staying focused on growth and competitiveness. Management of outsourcing projects for companies who wish to use lower cost outsourced services but who do not have the internal capacity to project manage the process is the lifeline of our business.

How we do it
We begin by understanding your business, product and processes. With our team of highly experienced Project Managers and Systems Analysts we match your needs to the services offered by our international partners. The combination of globally distributed services supported by a strong base of technical managers in Ireland, offers excellent service at reduced cost. We are Outsourcing Agents, we are not expensive IT consultants.

Small firms do this for less. Our aim is to deliver a quality service that saves companies money over the life cycle of outsourcing projects.

Who We Help
If you are a start-up company needing to save time and money then we can help. We can help put you on a level playing field with more established players given our expertise at all levels of business. For start-ups who have received funding at A-Series or Angel funding, we know how much you need to conserve that cash.

Mid-sized Companies
If you are a mid-sized company struggling to keep up with rising costs and staying focused on core competences then you need us. We can offer experienced advice as you step into the unchartered waters of outsourcing.

Larger Companies
Having worked with and for large multinationals we understand the important role of the outside consultant in helping one to see "the wood for the trees". As outsourcing agents we can provide advice and deep insight as well as cost reduction. The field of outsourcing is changing so fast it is important to hire someone who is current with it. If you have been disappointed about the lack of real cost reduction in the outsourcing process, or the lack of perceived expertise, talk to us.