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By: Scan Computers International  05/12/2011

Why learn online?

Convenient training times - courses can be taken at any time, anywhere in the world.
Virtual labs - train in a safe and secure environment using the real technology.
Maximise your training - learn using interactive activities, exercises, games and hands-on virtual labs.
Track your progress - save your learning history and continually assess your knowledge.


Official certification training - many courses map Certification paths, preparing you for exams including MCAS, MCITP, and MCTS.

Our Aim

Affordable Training - one-hour course prices start from less than £8.00
Relevant courses - there are over 1,500 official Microsoft courses available on all their products and technologies.
Modular nature - courses can focus on niche topics, providing you just training you want.
Pay-as-you-go - due to a course's modular nature, you pay for only what you want.

Your Goal

Get qualified - all courses are official and many map to the Microsoft certification paths - helping you get prepared for your exams.
Brush up on skills - course collections are available to update your knowledge on the latest products.
Learn when you want - busy schedule? Online courses can be accessed 24/7, anywhere in the world via an Internet browser.
Train in a style that suits you - use interactive activities, exercises, games and virtual labs.
Value for money - official courses cost from less than £8.00.

How to Order

Order your course - as you would any other product on our website.
- ordered you will receive an email with your login information.
Start training - log in and start using your course immediately.

How long does a course last for? Course lengths vary, the shortest time being one-hour. Please read the course description for more information.
How long do I have access to the course for? All subscription lengths are outlined in your enrolment email. Microsoft courses have a subscription length of one year. Non-Microsoft online course subscriptions vary from three months to a year. Please check the course description for more information.
When does my subscription begin? Course subscriptions begin from the moment you receive your enrolment email.
What are the technical requirements? You will need an Internet connection with Internet Explorer 6 or above to run an online course. Please note that Microsoft courses currently do not support any browser other than Internet Explorer. Full technical requirements are outlined in the course description.

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