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By: Sarah Leather  05/12/2011
Keywords: Healthy Weight, Healthy Weight Loss

I have decided to start this page because of the increasing interest I have from people wanting to get super healthy. Many people just want to get healthy- the super bit is for later!

So I am going to devote this web page to health promotion, healthy weight loss and disease prevention. I will make regular posts of articles about a healthy diet & lifestyle. And I promise to walk the talk- I will be following it all to the letter.

The next post is going to be about the substance that I believe causes more health problems than anything else- it’s one that if was cut down greatly would have a beneficial effect on the health of the nation. And it isn’t what you might think- but I will keep you guessing for now. I will be back soon. In the meantime I am doing a bit of a health check- weights & measurements (I will talk later about the danger of a waist measurement that is too high) and my annual check-up with my GP to check my bloods etc.

What do you need to get checked?

Until next time,

Sarah Leather

Keywords: Healthy Weight, Healthy Weight Loss

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