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By: Sandycove Dental Care  05/12/2011
Keywords: Teeth, tooth whitening, Metal Fillings

Sandycove Dental Care |  Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are unhappy with their smile and would like to improve their appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to those procedures which help to create the appearance which a patient desires.

Examples of the conditions which bother patients are discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, broken down teeth and metal fillings in back teeth. Some patients present with extensive dentistry carried out many years ago which needs to be redone.

The majority of cases of discoloured teeth can be treated successfully with tooth whitening procedures. (See tooth whitening)

Some very dark or discoloured teeth which have had root canal treatment may not respond to tooth whitening and may require a porcelain veneer or a crown to restore the appearance.

The ideal treatment for crooked teeth is orthodontics. Since this involves wearing fixed braces for some time, many adults are not enthusiastic about having treatment. Suitable cases can now be treated with a technique called Invisalign which does not require metal train-tracks. Many adults will elect to have their crooked teeth disguised using techniques involving porcelain or composite veneers, or porcelain crowns if indicated.

Many patients, due to loss of supporting back teeth, and/or the presence of a grinding habit, find that over time their teeth chip and wear down giving them an uneven appearance, a poor smile and in extreme cases a collapsed bite.

These cases can be treated successfully, but are among the most complicated to plan. It is very important that the way the patient’s bite works is carefully assessed and that the restorations are of the highest quality, otherwise there is a risk that the new restorations will also break down over time.

Many people dislike the colour of their metal fillings. Metal fillings are good, safe long lasting restorations which are very cost effective. The new generation of tooth coloured filling materials can now match metal fillings for longevity in most cases. Tooth coloured fillings take much longer to place than a metal filling of the same size and are very technique sensitive. This means that a tooth coloured filling will be more expensive than a metal filling of the same size.

If you are bothered by the appearance of your teeth it is well worth having a consultation because often dramatic results can be achieved with relatively little intervention.

A consultation will allow you to review the options available and the costs involved.

Keywords: Metal Fillings, Teeth, tooth whitening

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Because they are only on the outer surface of the teeth and because the concentration of whitening agent is relatively low, it is not as effective as custom tray whitening.However if your teeth are not very dark it can work well and is very cost effective.


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The advantage of a crown is that it completely covers the remaining tooth, preventing further fracture and restoring the original shape of the tooth. FILLING VERSUS A CROWN If a tooth has only a small hole due to decay or a small fracture it can be restored using a filling. A second visit some weeks later is needed to remove the temporary crown and cement the permanent crown.


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There are some people who are not suitable – heavy smokers, poorly controlled diabetics, patients on some medications for osteoporosis or those with a long term major illness.Barring these, if you are fit and well and have sufficient jawbone, you are suitable for implants. In stage 2 an impression is taken of the implant head and the laboratory uses this to make the crown, bridge or denture which will be retained or stabilised by the implant.


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If the root filling is to be done in one appointment the patient is advised to have some “quiet time” for a minimum of two hours after the appointment, where they sit quietly and read a book, watch TV. etc. Relaxation helps prevent post treatment swelling and discomfort. It may also be necessary if the angulation of a tooth needs to be changed prior to crowning, or if the nerve is compromised and is at risk of dying underneath the crown.