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By: Samra  05/12/2011
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November 21, 2011 Comments Off

November 21, 2011 Comments Off

Local News Update


The incinerator is currently on hold mainly due to money constraints. The contract with Coventa has been extended, but due to various factors no definite decision regarding construction has yet been made.

Flood Defence

The Sutton to Sandycove Cycleway is also claimed to be a flood defence for Sandymount and Merrion Strands.  It will be somewhat similar in height to what is been proposed for Clontarf.

Lighting of the C h r i s t m a s T r e e

This will take place on Friday 9th December at 5.30pm in Sandymount Green.  There will be Christmas Carols, Sweets and Santa will be there to collect any unsent letter!!!

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It has being brought to our attention that rubble from Herbert Park and elsewhere has been dumped on the beach in Sandymount along by the causeway. We are in talks through our solicitor with Dublin City Council regarding the removal of said rubble.

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Dublin City Draft Development Plan proposals for the next five years will be put on public display from 21st December 2009 until March 2010.

The Draft Plan includes proposals for high rise development on all the reclaimed land now known as the Poolbeg peninsula, in line with the Dublin Docklands proposals for this part of Dublin Bay and in advance of any decision by the Minister for Local Government on the Docklands proposed scheme.

[ ? insert photos of reclaimed land as it is and what is proposed]

It still includes proposals for a major motorway across the SPA/SAC of Sandymount and Merrion Strands, and further infilling of the Strands for a “cycleway” at least the width of the promenade.

Zoning proposals for different areas of the village and district.

Keywords: city council