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By: Salesystem  05/12/2011

The Sales Board – for Salespeople

The Salesystem Board provides salespeople with a single, highly structured, crystal clear view of their sales pipeline. The Salesystem pipeline (“the Board”) is based on date-driven selling, and instantly answers these questions for the salesperson:

1. Can I hit my target, based on the evidence right in front of me?
2. Have I enough prospects in my pipeline to hit the target?
3. Who are my most reliable prospects?
4. Which prospects do I drop from my pipeline?
5. How effective am I at moving prospects forward?
6. How should I spend my time over the next 1-4 weeks?

The Sales Board – for the Manager

The Sales Board provides the manager with stunningly accurate forecasts and highlights who needs more support and at which part of the sales process. Specifically, the Board
tool answers these questions for the manager:

1. What is the worst-case forecast?
2. Which prospects and deals need the most attention from the salesperson and / or
the manager?
3. Is activity high enough?
4. Who needs support in terms of opportunity identification and / or coaching and

Reporting & Analytics

Most sales reporting focuses on activity e.g. the “number of calls.” Reporting of activity
per se is not that useful for making sales decisions. The most effective data to report is OUTCOMES. The Salesystem Board provides the salesperson and the manager with the highly insightful metrics that predict future income and clearly show planned calendar usage.

Delta Reporting

Sales managers want to see “what has changed.” Salesystem has powerful “delta” (“change”) reports that show what the salesperson has created today or for any period to date. It also reports the sales process path that each opportunity has followed.