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By: Salesmatrix Usa  05/12/2011


Salesmatrix USA offers online support for product users – whether it’s helping you to get started or ongoing technical assistance, we are available to assist you.

Register your product and be guided step-by-step through the process; download scripts; receive ongoing product technical support and advice; or upgrade your software online.

We want you to maximise your investment and get the most out of your software.

Perform your Sales Blind Spot Test (BST)

What is the most significant investment business make?
The common answer …its our people.
To be slightly controversial we disagree. Our belief it’s in the current customer base AND the value offer (products or services) that these customers purchase. We will take you through an experience of how to enhance the passion of intuition with the rigor of evidence.
Our BST evaluates 3 critical areas in your sales portfolio.
  • Where money is been made (which customers and what are they buying)
  • Where are the hidden growth opportunities
  • What opportunities exist to create concurrent revenue and margin growth?
How can this be done?
We integrate with most popular accounting systems#.
Your data is extracted into Salesmatrix on your system. We do not have any access to your data. The review is done with you on your computer (done through a web based meeting).
How much does it cost?
$500.00 per review and if you did not gain significant value its free
How long does it take?
About 2 hours, ½ hour to load Salesmatrix on your computer and import your data and the review is usually 1 ½ hours in duration
Do I qualify?
If you have more than 200 customers with more than 200 products or services or the combination of both.
How do get my BST?
Please email #Quick Books, ACCPAC, Microsoft Great Plains, Peach Tree, SAP and many more

Salesmatrix Training
Salesmatrix USA now utilises the latest technology to train you wherever and whenever you need. Using GoToMeeting™ technology we can set up a training session that runs live in your office and enables the possibility to use your live data to learn with.
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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