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By: Safe Graffiti Removal  05/12/2011
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Yellow Graffiti Remover for Painted Surfaces

Yellow graffiti remover for painted surfaces is the gentlest graffiti remover in the SoSafe range, Yellow label has been specifically designed to work slower than SoSafe Blue. Yellow will allow the removal of graffiti from sensitive surfaces layer by layer, without damaging the surface at hand.

When applying to the graffiti contact time on the surface is critical, as the longer it is left on the surface the deeper the product will penetrate. Ink / Marker graffiti is generally easier to remove with a simple wipe on wipe off approach. Spray paints will require longer contact time.

Graffiti Type: Marker pen, paint, oil, grease, poster glue and crayon.
Water deactivated: Yes
Form: Liquid

                        Quantities: 10 x 1Lt Carton, 3 x 5 Lt Carton and 25 Lt Drum.

Blue Graffiti Remover for Concrete Surfaces

Blue graffiti remover for concrete surfaces is the most popular graffiti remover in the SoSafe range. SoSafe Blue label can be used on most varieties of porous surfaces and other difficult surfaces. Blue will continue to attack the surface as long as it has contact time, for this reason Blue is also available in sprayable gel.

Sprayable gel when applied to a vertical wall, will hold in position until the user rinses the wall, reducing the quantity of product required to remove graffiti as well as preventing the graffiti dye running down the walls. SoSafe Blue is suitable for use on concrete, marble, blocks, stucco, stone and other porous surfaces. Will remove paint, oil, grease, poster glue and crayon.

SoSafe Blue Liquid is popular with contractors as it is used in conjunction with   

                        Shadow Chaser to eliminate all traces of graffiti, see the Shadow Chaser  

                        instructions for further information.

                        Graffiti Type: Marker pen, paint, oil, grease, poster glue and crayon.
Water deactivated: Yes
Form: Liquid or Sprayable Gel
Quantities:10 x 1Lt Carton, 3 x 5 Lt Carton and 25 Lt Drum.

Red Professional Graffiti Remover

SoSafe Red Professional (Red Label) is the latest edition to the SoSafe range of graffiti removers. Professional edition has been specifically formulated for use by professionals and contractors with pressure cleaning equipment. Unlike Blue and Yellow graffiti remover, Professional graffiti remover is not deactivated by water. The advantage of this is that it can be used immediately after pressure cleaning to give a deeper clean.

                        penetrating the substrate and is not permanent. NOTE: Some contractors prefer to

                        leave Professional on light shadows overnight to fade out shadows when not used 

                        in conjunction with SoSafe Shadow Chaser.

                        SoSafe Graffiti Remover Professional is suitable for use on concrete, blocks,

                        stucco, stone and other porous surfaces.

Graffiti Type: Marker pen, paint, oil, grease, poster glue and crayon.
Water deactivated: No
Form: Liquid
Quantities: 10 x 1Lt Carton, 3 x 5 Lt Carton and 25 Lt Drum.

SoSafe Safety Shield

SoSafe Safety Shield is a semi sacrificial surface graffiti protection, making it easy to remove graffiti and suitable for all surface types (excluding glass). Safety Shield protects a surface against graffiti, mould and is reduces environmental effects on the substrate.

Furthermore, Safety Shield is UV resistant i.e. it will not breakdown from exposure to the sun and requires no mixing. SoSafe Safety Shield will not leave a glossy finish and allows the surface to breathe. SoSafe Safety Shield can be painted over with no detrimental effects (i.e. the paint will not peel).

How it works

Safety Shield works by blocking the pores of the surface, the pores of a graffiti surface is what causes the ‘shadow’ effect. This protection allows the graffiti to be removed with no harm to the protected substrate below.  The vast majority of porous substrates should be treated with two coats of Safety Shield, some substrates may absorb more product and therefore require a third coat such as sand stone.  Safety Shield can be applied by brush or sprayer.

Protection Level: Semi-Sacrificial (protects surface against graffiti remover for several attacks).
Coverage:8 - 10 Metres per litre (2 coats)*
Life Span: 5 Years +
Form: Liquid
Quantities: 10 x 1Lt Carton, 3 x 5 Lt Carton and 25 Lt Drum.

Shadow Chaser

Shadow Chaser is only available for use by professionals. Shadow Chaser is a corrosive formulation designed to work in conjunction with SoSafe Professional Edition (Red Label).

How it works
Apply SoSafe Professional (Red Label) to the surface to attack the graffiti, wait 60 seconds then apply Shadow Chaser with a brush or roller (do not splash it around) over the top of the graffiti. The surface will have a small amount of white suds appear as the Shadow Chaser and Professional penetrate the surface; the shadow will disappear in front of your eyes.

Shadow Chaser has been specially formulated for stubborn graffiti stains that cannot be removed by conventional means and requires a strong arm approach.


1. Please pay attention to all safety precautions on the packaging and MSDS.

2. All safety equipment is mandatory.

3. Shadow Chaser must not be sprayed / atomised.

4. People without safety equipment must not come in contact with product.

5. Aluminium is affected by Shadow Chaser do not allow contact, if contact occurs wash thoroughly with water.

Graffiti Type: Shadows, used in conjunction with SoSafe Professional (Red Label).
Water deactivated: No
Deactivation: Water dilution
Form:  Liquid
Quantities: 5Lt Drum, 3 x 5 Lt Carton and 24 Lt Drum.

SoSafe External Surface Revival

SoSafe External Surface Revival cleans external surfaces affected by weather deterioration, such as water, mould, fungus, moss and discolouration, returning the surface to its’ original condition. SoSafe External Surface Revival has a residual effect and will continue to protect the surface for up to 12 months after one application. This product will kill (not just bleach) mould spores, preventing fungus from returning.

SoSafe External Surface Revival is chlorine free, two part chemical hospital grade disinfecting qualities. This product can be used on any surface and is made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable with naturally occurring ingredients. Ideal for public toilet areas, showers, outside dining areas, around pools and on public


Protection Level:Up to 12 months from mould
Biodegradable: Yes
Form: Liquid
Quantities: 2 x 5Lt Carton Set, 4 x 5 Lt Carton Set and 2 x 25 Lt Drum Set.

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