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By: Round Ireland Yacht Race  05/12/2011
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Port Control

Wicklow Port Company,
North Quay,

Harbour Master : Captain John Barlow

Telephone +353 (0) 404 67455

Radio VHF Ch. 16 and 14


Prevailing winds are South Westerly. Easterly and North Easterly winds cause a swell in the outer harbour.

Tidal Variations (Range)

Usually 1.9 m. at neap tides and 2.5 at spring tides. Strong South Westerly winds can raise tide level by about .03 m. above normal. Northerly and Easterly winds can lower the average tide level.


East Pier: Berth is 95 m. long. Average depths 3.6 m. at L.W. and 5.5 m. at H.W.
Packet Pier: 100 m. long. Average depths 3.6 m. at L.W. and 5.5 m. at H.W.
North Quay: 130m long Average depths 2.8 m at L.W. and 4.7 m. at H.W.
South Quay: 106 m long. Average depths 3.0 L.W.and 4.9 at H.W.

Round Ireland boats:- Check Race Instructions for appropriate VHF channel to contact Berthing Master and follow his/her instructions. Boats are expected to raft up to each other and sufficient length shorelines should be carried to facilitate this.

Keywords: Yacht Race