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By: Rothwell Contracting  05/12/2011
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How It Works:

Waste water leaves the house via drains and the septic tanks allows the solids to settle from the liquids and then the liquid can drain away to the soak pit area. The heavy solids (sewage sludge) sink to the bottom of the tank and this builds up over time. In order for your septic tank to work efficiently you will need to de-sludge your tank on a regular basis. This will keep all your drains clear, stop the solids escaping to your soak pit area and keep all unpleasant odours away.

Cleaning Process:

When it comes to emptying your septic tank we specialize in understanding the needs of our customers. We will arrive at an agreed date and time to empty your tank. We understand the importance of emptying your tank with the minimum of disruption to you and your property. We use tractor and vacuum tankers to empty the tanks as these are very manoeuvrable in confined spaces. We have over 100 feet of hosing and wide low ground pressure tyres in order reach even the most remote of tanks and preserve lawns and tarmacadam.


All the sewage sludge is brought to the local waste water treatment plant for treatment. Details of our Waste Collection Permit and disposal route are available at any time which will assure you that everything is carried out in a correct, legal and environmentally friendly way.

Maintaining your tank:

In our opinion we would recommend that you de-sludge your tank on a regular basis, all according to the amount of people that live in your house. Most standard tanks with a normal family will need to be done at least every two years. We can empty your tank as a one-off job or organize to remind you when we feel it needs to be done again.

Keywords: septic tank, septic tank cleaning, tank, tank cleaning, Vacuum Tankers

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