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By: Rory Conner Knives  05/12/2011

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Folder damas steel black lip mop 9 carat gold rivets

 pivot pin gold with stainless steel bearing surfac  

€390.00  SOLD


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Look for the type used in car body shops which can be used wet or dry grits 120 and 240 are good start with the 120 to take out the heavier Pitts and finish with 240 keep changing the paper so you are not using a worn piece it just takes longer also don’t work with the cutting edge toward you because the blade will sharpen up with the sanding.


Knife Sharpening And Repair Prices

The reason for keeping it out of the sheath or scabbard is that the leather often contains residue of tannic acid, which can rust the blade. Dry and if the blade is carbon steel and oil it lightly with vegetable oil. KNIFE CARE It is always a good idea to look after your knives. If you paid good money for it, it should outlast you. Keep your knife out of the sheath and somewhere dry.


Knives | Rory Conner Knives

With a long drop point 4¼“full tang blade that has been hand ground from thick sturdy 5mm D2 carbon steel, this blade has been flat ground, which makes an easier profile to follow for honing or sharpening especially when in the field. The Rory Conner Bushcraft Explorer knife has a 9” overall length (out of the sheath) and the total weight of knife. To accompany this knife the sheath is a thick, formed & blocked, shoulder leather custom sheath.


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Construction: Full Tang Fittings: Brass silver solder guard. 440c integral sambar stag handle hand stitched sheath. Materials: 5mm ATS34 Handle: Wood Laminate.