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By: Rocket Science Uk  05/12/2011
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Maximise your local authority's impact on the Work Programme

Rocket Science's Employability Impact Audit


Rocket Science have developed a highly effective way for Local Authorities to maximise their impact on employability in ways which complement the Work Programme, bringing benefits to local residents and employers, as well as supporting its delivery by the Programme's selected Prime Contractors.

Our Employability Impact Audit combines interviews with senior staff across all the local authority's services with our thorough scan of local government best practice. It produces insights into how the delivery of the Work Programme can be enhanced through practical action across the full range of a local authority's functions.

We can carry out an Audit within 4 weeks, at a cost of between £5k and £8k, depending on the size of the local authority and your exact requirements. This will:

- Identify how much more you can do within existing resources to enhance your impact on employability
- Focus on the Council's potential role as a model local employer
- Give you the confidence that you are playing your full role
- Provide you with insights you will need for discussions with Prime Contractors when they are announced later in the spring.


Recently Rocket Science were commissioned by a large, single-tier local authority to carry out a review of their employability projects. Rapidly, and with their support, we refocused this work to explore with all council departments their current impact on the employability agenda, and the scope for enhancing this. This identified that:

- Every department had the potential to contribute in a significant way to the employability agenda
- The potential impact of each department was significantly higher than was currently being achieved
- There was a real willingness to realise more of the potential impact.

Our work identified the full extent of ways in which this local authority could make an impact on employability, and in addition proposed an appropriate structure and leadership to ensure this happened. Our recommendations were accepted in full by the client.

We have since been engaged by a range of other Councils and developed a cost-effective approach which:

- Pinpoints all the areas where an organisation can make an impact on employability
- Identifies how the Council can become an exemplary employer in the context of the Work Programme - i.e. offering work placements, entry level positions and opportunities for in-work progression
- Assesses where the biggest gaps lie between current and potential impact
- Sets out the practical steps needed to achieve this and where priorities should lie given the Work Programme's going live from this summer
- Recommends how the work should be managed and led, ensuring strong commitment to and ownership of the approach.

We guarantee that this will open your eyes to the full scope for making more of an impact on this critical agenda!

What the work involves

We have an efficient process which comprises interviews (telephone or face to face) and the use of easily available information. This leads to the production of a succinct report with recommendations which provide the focus for a workshop with key staff to refine the priorities and the way forward. This will allow your local authority to be confident that it is playing its full role in the context of the new Work Programme, and maximising the benefit that this brings to local residents and employers.

For more information, or an informal discussion about how our Work Programme Impact Audit could work within your own Council, please contact either Richard Scothorne (Edinburgh) or John Griffiths (London) at:

Richard Scothorne
Rocket Science
2 Melville Street
Edinburgh EH3 7NS
07774 141 610

John Griffiths
Rocket Science
70 Cowcross Street
London EC1M 6EJ
07887 643980

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Keywords: Rocket Science

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