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By: Robert Kehoe  05/12/2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I guess I have never written about my experiences with ExtJS, so it is about time I shared some useful information and experiences. 1. ExtJS is Hard! In fact Ed Spencer (lead architect with Sencha) refers it to ExtJS and its “legendary learning curve” in one of his videos. My advice, buy a book (Jay [..]

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So there are many examples of how to compile Node.js on a server, including the official install guide. However none of the ones I have read truly explained how to install Node.js on a fresh/clean system. You have sudo/root access to a clean / freshly installed Linux system. This guide is based on Debian.


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One of the first things I do any time I start programming in a new language or framework is create a bunch of tools to make my life easier. I am a firm believer in Larry Wall‘s statement that the three great virtues of a programmer are “laziness, impatience, and hubris“.