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By: Rmc Energy  05/12/2011
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RMC Energy | Heat Pumps

The principle of a Heat Pump

The heat pump is a powerful solution to generate heat from the free energy taken from the environment.

How does the heat pump work?

A heat pump is a refrigerator that works in reverse: the refrigerator takes heat from its interior compartment and rejects it outside to cool the food. Conversely, the heat pump uses the heat supplied by the external environment (air, water or soil from your garden), the values by raising its temperature level and return within the housing via a distribution system (underfloor heating, radiators existing) that provides heat safe, gentle and consistent with a flexible and precise control.

The natural energy of the heat pump

The heat pump uses an energy so natural, inexhaustible, clean and cheap: each kW consumed for the operation of the heat pump is valued as 3 to 5 kW of useful heat for your home.

My Project: ” I’m building a new house “

Don’t forget your heating system! Like the roof and the walls, the type of heating you choose is an integral part of a house… so you can’t afford to get it wrong. It is therefore more important than ever to think carefully about the type of heating you want for your construction project. Your choice must take account of your preferences, constraints, budget and needs, while remaining non-polluting and environmentally friendly.

Today, there are different types of heating that meet these criteria, one of which is the heat pump. This option – which is not only environmentally friendly but also highly economical – will soon be a vital element for your day-to-day well-being.
The benefits are numerous and not to be sniffed at: reduced operating and maintenance costs, energy availability, the long-term reliability and sustainability of the system – not to mention the level of comfort you obtain, too!

The Sofath heat pump is the sustainable solution that takes account of your home’s characteristics and your personal expectations…
Our dealers will be delighted to offer advice and ensure you benefit fully from our expertise.

Do you have a project?

First, contact us, our advisers come to you, so that they can analyse your needs and your project’s constraints. As experts in the field of heat pumps, we will assist you at every stage of your project and provide regular follow-ups throughout the installation work.

Personalised quotation

RMC Energy will propose a solution that meets all your needs.

French manufacturing

Each element of your Sofath heating system is manufactured and tested exclusively at their factory in Portes-lès-Valence (Drôme, southeastern France), which has obtained both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification – meaning you can be sure of reliable, high-quality, high-performance products. All the Sofath range is SEAI registered so you can avail of the related grants available.

Delivery, Installation & Commissioning

Our teams will deliver all the necessary equipment and propose a schedule that takes account of your project constraints. Our technicians, trained at the company’s very own training centre, will take charge of installing your heat pump. Our technicians will also commission your heating installation.

Maintenance contract

RMC Energy can also offer a maintenance contract, enabling you to benefit from personalised follow-up for your heat pump.

Keywords: Heat Pump, heat pumps, heating

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