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By: Ring Forth  05/12/2011
Keywords: web design

Despite the significance of server-side technologies and the rise in popularity of environments such as Flash, HTML — the language used to create the web — retains a key role in web design and development.

  • XHTML is the current HTML standard, as detailed by the World Wide Web Consortium. That’s ‘X’ as in XML, and it means eXtensible. XHTML is basically an XML-based re-definition of HTML, designed to pave the way for future additions and developments. Websites should be designed to be XHTML-compliant, assuring maximum future-proofing in the changing environment of the web.
  • CSS. Cascading Style Sheets aim to separate presentation from content, allowing (among other things) fast updating and maintenance of website designs, faster download times, and future ‘re-purposing’ of content for other media. Taking consideration of site needs and browser compatibility issues, style sheets should be used wherever possible.
  • Navigation. Accessibility for everyone regardless of disability is a large part of the web’s power, and basic W3C guidelines in this area should always be followed. A more rigorous adherence to accessibility standards (up to triple-A rating) can be provided when needed.
  • JavaScript is a key part of much of the web’s power, allowing pages to become responsive to the user’s input. It is best used, however, when put at the service of the site as a whole rather than as frivolous ‘trimming’.

Keywords: web design

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