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By: Richmond Builders Providers  05/12/2011
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RBP has teamed up with some of the best suppliers of Ironmongery in the country, allowing us to offer a vast array of products that come in a variety of designs and materials. Below is only a sample of what we have on offer. For greater detail and hundreds of images visit our suppliers websites. If you find an item you want simply ring us 8370709 with the product name and code.

Purvis Stone products manufacture and supply a wide selection of natural stone and precast products such as Pillar and wall copings, Cladded stone and Paving and Kerb stones. The range provides a complete solution to the domestic, commercial and landscaping markets. An extensive range of finishes, shades and textures are available and are displayed on our premises. Visit for more information and pictures of the product in use.

Aggregates & Block

Product Metric Imperial
Plastering Sand 40kg & 1000kg 6st & 1 ton(157st)
Mortar Sand 40kg & 1000kg 6st & 1 ton(157st)
Paving Sand 40kg & 1000kg 6st & 1 ton(157st)
White Sand 40kg & 1000kg 6st & 1 ton(157st)
Silicone / Dry Sand 25kg 4st
Dashing 40kg & 1000kg 6st
Hardcore 1000kg 1 ton(157st)
Gravel 40kg & 1000kg 6st & 1 ton(157st)
Cement 6-25kg 1-4st
White Cement 25kg 4st
Blocks Solids 3" 4" 6", Cavities, Footballs, Soap bars, Stock brick
Concrete Lintels 100mm 229mm 4" 9" Various lenghts
Catnic Lintels Various lenghts

Plaster Products

Product Metric Imperial
Bonding Compound 25kg 4st
Bonding Basecoat 25kg 4st
Skimcoat Fianl coat 25kg 4st
Joint Filler 25kg 4st
Lime 25kg 4st
Thistlebond 10lr 2galllons
Coving 3m 10ft
Regular Plasterboard 2400x1200, 1200x600 9.5mm 12.5mm 8x4, 4x2 9.5mm, 12.5mm
Foilback Plasterboard 2400x1200mm 9.5mm & 12.5mm 8x4 3/8 1/2
Firecheck Plasterboard 2400 x 1200mm 9.5mm & 12.5mm 8x4 1/2 5/8
Moisture Plasterboard 2400x1200 12.5mm 8x4 1/2
Sound Board 2400x1200 12.5mm 8x4 1/2
Thermal Board 2400x1200 29mm 8x4 1.14
Polysio Thermal Dry lining 2400x1200 35mm 38mm 50mm 8x4 1.37 1.49 1.96
Angle Beads PVC 1 & 2 coat, Metal Internal & External
Stop Beads 3mm 13mm  


Product Metric Imperial
Fibreglass rolls 100mm 150mm 4" 6"
Rockwool rolls 100mm 150mm 4" 6"
Rockwool Sheets   4x2
Polysio Insulation Boards 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm 1" 2" 3" 4" 6"
60mm 4x2

Plumbing & Piping Products

Product Types
Screws Wood, Drywall, Concrete
Nails Felt, Slab, U-nails, Ringshrank, Oval, Roundwire, Panel pins, Tacks
Bolts Coach, Gutter, Eye, Loose, Projecting
Others Express nails, Frame fixers,
Rawlpugs Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Brown

Timber & Sheeting

Our range of sheeting includes WBP (Weather and boil proof ply), Shuttering ply, MDF (medium density fibreboard), Hardboard (white and plain), Lam board and Melamine sheeting. Various sizes stocked.

Rough Timber
Richmond Builders Providers has very high quality rough timber that is produced in Ireland using the latest technologies. Our supplier is the first to produce erased edged timber as standard in Ireland and we are pleased to provide such a product to our customers. Various size`s stocked.

PAO Timber
Door stop (plain & moulded), Moulded skirting boards (5”, 6”, 7”), bull nose skirting boards (4” 4 ½”), Handrail, 6” Floorboards, TGV sheeting, Saddle boards, Stairtread

Absorgel Storage Moisture Control

Absorgel is a storage dessciant made of calcium chloride which aggressively removes moisture from the air. It is;

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