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By: Richard Bruton  05/12/2011

The past, we are told, is a foreign country.

Fifty years ago so much was different. The Everly Brothers were top of the charts, Spurs were league champions and a new broadcasting service called Teilifis Eireann was just turning on.

On the other hand, Tipperary held the Liam McCarthy cup and another Irish American was in the Oval Office……!

Tragically however, years of poor public policy left 1960s Ireland isolated, impoverished and ill-prepared for the challenges of a rapidly changing international marketplace.

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Already we have been warned that by 2050, the number of pensioners to be supported by the working population will rise from one for every six workers now to one for every two workers. Those young people who bought at the very peak of the market are now particular victims as their homes are worth much less than the mortgage they took out to pay for them.


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To underpin jobs we need to strengthen vital arteries of our economy – High-performance Broadband, a Smart Power Grid, Renewable Energy, Reliable Water. Second Chance Education: Offer 17,000 young people with no qualifications or only construction skills the opportunity to go back to education. Work Experience: Place 23,000 in work experience with supported access to further education. Abolish the Travel Tax and get more flights into Ireland.