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By: Richard Bruton  05/12/2011
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New Era: New Jobs

To underpin jobs we need to strengthen vital arteries of our economy – High-performance Broadband, a Smart Power Grid, Renewable Energy, Reliable Water. Our strategy to do this we call NewEra, designed to:

• Invest in new infrastructures that support recovery
• Sell foreign shares and old assets to fund the new opportunities
• Drive lower prices for consumers by more efficient operation of these utilities
• Cut waste and our dependence on imported energy by €6,000m

This will open up opportunity for thousands of jobs in modern businesses which will be the cornerstone of recovery and yield 50,000 jobs during the construction phase.

Keep Young Talent at Home

 Fine Gael will work tirelessly to reverse emigration. One in three young people with good qualifications and skills are unemployed. We must create opportunities to keep them at home and active.

  •  Work Experience: Place 23,000 in work experience with supported access to further education.
  • Second Chance Education: Offer 17,000 young people with no qualifications or only construction skills the opportunity to go back to education.
  • Job Placement:  Support employers willing to create up to 5,000 new posts.

Open Up Opportunities:

Government inaction has been an obstacle to job creation. That must change. Two years on, and €100 billion spent on banks, we still have businesses withering and dying for want of credit. Simple changes can make a real difference: 

  • A small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme.
  • A quota in Public Procurement for Small Business.
  • Abolish the Travel Tax and get more flights into Ireland. 

Other countries have shown the way. We must apply the same urgency.

Open Up Opportunities:

One of our great strengths as a nation is our ingenuity and creativity. But Ireland has lost its edge. A cosy circle won too much influence – feathered its own nest and brought ruin on the country. We must get back to genuine enterprise. 

  • An Enterprise Fund for new start-ups.
  • Target promising opportunities (Digital Gaming, International Education)
  • Less tax and regulation burdens for micro business (and stop bankruptcy blighting a person’s future forever) 

A broad Competitiveness Pact can rebuild our ability to trade overseas, where fair adjustments are made across the board – in fees and rents, in the boardrooms, in utility prices, not just on the shop floor.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: jobs

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