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By: Retail Inmotion  05/12/2011

At its core, Retail inMotion is a sales development organisation. Your sales are our sales, so we invest heavily in making sure you and your staff have all the tools you need, every advantage in achieving the highest per passenger spend. RiM follows up on sales training by providing incentives to crew and passenger alike, ensuring true push-pull sales. We employ multiple tactics to reward crew members for performance. We also implement passenger promotions to stimulate interest and demand in-flight. RiM fulfils all aspects of specials, promotions, even onboard raffles so your managers don’t have to.

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Retail inMotion does all the work for you, and delivers all the right details – packaging, pallet size, shipping locations, and prices. Now buyers can browse a centralized listing of available products, product debuts, and product specials. Now product procurement is as easy as shopping on the web.


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At Retail inMotion, we are constantly studying the marketplace, looking for new trends, popular brands, the up-and-comers, and the star performers. We find the best of FMCG, engage with the brand owners, and bring them onboard.