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By: ResMed  05/12/2011
Keywords: Sleep Disorders, sleep apnea, Non-contact Sensor

Clinically validated technology

  • The correlation of SleepMinder respiration rate to gold-standard measurements is 97.8%
  • SleepMinder can identify sleep/wake epochs with an 81.2% accuracy in normal adult subjects (comparable with existing motion-based methods)
  • SleepMinder can distinguish patients with clinically significant SDB from normal subjects with an accuracy of 94% (using an AHI of 15 as cut-off). This is as good as, or better, than many multi- channel screening devices.

Specifically relating to Sleep Apnea at the University of Essen, we validated the sensor’s ability to detect Sleep Apnea events:

In addition, BiancaMed tested its product against wrist mounted actimetry and found that the results of this study indicate that the non-contact sensor may be a highly convenient alternative to wrist-actimetry as a diagnosis and screening tool for sleep studies.** Furthermore, as the non- contact sensor measures breathing modulations, it can additionally be used to screen for respiratory disturbances in sleep caused by sleep apnea and COPD.

** The recordings were made in the unconstrained home environment under the supervision of Dr Monica Gonzalez of the Sleep Disorders Unit,         Hospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla, Santander Spain

Keywords: Non-contact Sensor, sleep apnea, Sleep Disorders

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Product | BiancaMed

This device meets the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility , pursuant to the Collateral Standard, EN 60601-1-2, which addresses EMC in North America, Europe and other global communities. Customized report generating software produces full- disclosure reports on a per-night or per-subject basis. Data continuously collected automatically at central review station via GPRS communications or.


SleepMinder™ | BiancaMed

SleepMinder™ data is proven to be of the highest quality and comparable to the PSG gold standard data for both sleep apnea events as well as sleep/wake sequences. BiancaMed’s IP is protected by 8 patents covering the basic ideas used in the product as well as more advanced specific innovations around sleep measurement.


SleepMinder Research | BiancaMed

The SleepMinder™ technology is based on measurement of patient movement using reflected radio- waves off a person’s chest. As SleepMinder monitors respiratory effort it may be used to separate apnoea and hypopnoea events. SleepMinder™ can identify sleep/wake epochs with an 81.2% accuracy in normal adult subjects. The correlation of SleepMinder™ respiration rate to gold-standard measurements is 97.8.