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By: ResMed  05/12/2011

  • Patient Satisfaction and Adherence
  • Monitors automatically while you sleep with no electrodes, gels or bands required.
  • Easy to set up, only requires plugging in!
  • Automated Monitoring and Analysis
  • Data continuously collected automatically at central review station via GPRS communications or
  • Data stored locally and securely on compact flash data card.
  • Customized report generating software produces full- disclosure reports on a per-night or per-subject basis.
  • Patient Feedback
  • Option for personal motivation website for direct positive feedback.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Research shows the effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapy. Biancamed will be launching its unique sleep coaching service in later in 2010.
  • SleepMinder™ allows you to reliably and objectively record respiration and sleep/wake patterns at home.
  • SleepMinder™ Analysis
  • Average breathing rate Estimated sleep quality
  • Sleep Onset Time to Sleep
  • Sleep Duration
  • Wake-After-Sleep-
  • Onset Final Awakening
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Movement
  • This device meets the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), pursuant to the Collateral Standard, EN 60601-1-2, which addresses EMC in North America, Europe and other global communities.
  • The device is:
    • Double Insulated
    • TUV approved
    • VDE approved

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SleepMinder™ | BiancaMed

SleepMinder™ data is proven to be of the highest quality and comparable to the PSG gold standard data for both sleep apnea events as well as sleep/wake sequences. BiancaMed’s IP is protected by 8 patents covering the basic ideas used in the product as well as more advanced specific innovations around sleep measurement.


Sleep Studies | BiancaMed

* The recordings were made in the unconstrained home environment under the supervision of Dr Monica Gonzalez of the Sleep Disorders Unit, Hospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla, Santander Spain. Specifically relating to Sleep Apnea at the University of Essen, we validated the sensor’s ability to detect Sleep Apnea events. SleepMinder can distinguish patients with clinically significant SDB from normal subjects with an accuracy of 94%.


SleepMinder Research | BiancaMed

The SleepMinder™ technology is based on measurement of patient movement using reflected radio- waves off a person’s chest. As SleepMinder monitors respiratory effort it may be used to separate apnoea and hypopnoea events. SleepMinder™ can identify sleep/wake epochs with an 81.2% accuracy in normal adult subjects. The correlation of SleepMinder™ respiration rate to gold-standard measurements is 97.8.