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By: Rel  05/12/2011
Keywords: PROJECT MANAGEMENT, stainless steel, energy efficiency

Since 1954, REL’s expertise has been in refrigeration. We live and breathe it.

Whether it ’s an industrial store, supermarket, Coffee shop, butchers shop REL has the experience and technical capability to deliver on the most complex of projects.

What We offer:

Plan & Design

Expertise to plan & design your refrigeration requirements ensuring optimum performance and energy efficiency

Install & Commission

Our Installation teams have a wealth of experience to insure the your installation is hassle free. Once installed we provide commissioning reports on your project.

Advanced Project Management

We provide project management  service on each site to ensure adherence to health & safety protocols, meeting of deadlines and customer communication.

Energy Saving Strategies

We can advise and implement energy saving strategies and equipment to ensure your refrigeration running costs are kept to a minimum.

Nationwide Service Personnel

Once your installation has been successfully commissioned, our service centre will ensure you get prompt attention from our nationwide service personnel.

Offsite Monitoring

On many installations we can provide offsite monitoring– ensuring that any changes in your equipments performance is immediately picked up by our service centre.

Preventative Maintenance

When your warranty period has expired we offer a range of preventative maintenance packages to suit your operation and budget.

Our Clients

Fruit & Veg – Arneg Parma

Designed to obtain maximum display. Capacity for merchandise, the Arneg Mosel Parma is a sophisticated example of functional versatility. It is available in two height and four widths, for inclusion in both large and medium sized sales aeras. The reinforced structure, inside lighting and adjustable shelves make it ideal for displaying meats/cheese and fruits/vegetables.

Wrap Around – Lucerna

Semi-vertical refrigerated multiplexable cabinet, designed for the display and sale of deli meats, dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables. Ideal for large supermarkets and specialty gourmet shops The Lucerna is an excellent product to offer the consumer effective visibility of the goods displayed. The Lucerna can be used as a wall cabinet or island, by joining units back to back, complete with headcases.

Butchers Serve over – Arneg Sorria

The Sorria is the perfect solution for modern retailing. The unit can be multiplexed together and is suitable for Meat,Deli,Patisserie,Fish.

  • Temp –1 ºC /+4 ºC
  • White or Stainless Steel Display Deck
  • Electronically Controlled with Electric Defrost
  • Ventilated
  • Low Glass Wall Unit Available
  • Available on raised pods or fully closed
  • High humidity

Low Level Display – Oscarteille Genius

The oscarteille Genius Multideck case features a fan assisted refrigeration system designed for the display and sale of dairy and meat products as well as vegetables and beverages.

Available in modules with different heights and lengths. The GENIUS in extremely compact and it can be easily installed even inside the smallest shop. Genius features scaled and tiltable shelves to maximize for promotion and impulse sales, products exposure and visibility.

Thanks to its versatility, GENIUS in the ideal multi deck for promotion and impulse sales.

Minerals / Dairy – Arneg Columbia

Designed to obtain maximum display capacity for all dairy products stored at a temperature of +1 + 4 Degrees Celsius. The Arneg Columbia is a sophisticated example of functional and versatility. It is available in various lengths from 1.250 M up to to 3.750M and is fully multiplexable. Standard Features include:

  • Front Bumper
  • Mechanical Thermometer
  • Lighting on Top
  • Thermostatic Valve
  • Remote Compressor

Fish Displays

Kidney Design

Our most popular option, this display provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your products.

Horse shoe design

For a shop with limited available space, this counter features an impressive 5 metre frontage within a small footprint. Sandwiched slab insulation, Fully welded, sealed, and leak tested construction.

Twin Limbed Design

For situations where frontage is limited, but a large quantity of product needs to be displayed.

Industrial Refrigeration

We provide solutions for all temperature-sensitive environments. With over 50 years experience in the industrial refrigeration industry, we have the knowledge and resources to increase efficiently and reduce your energy bills. Because we understand all the critical elements of each project, we can bring you the expertise to develop a comprehensive solution. No matter how complex or demanding the application may be, R.E.L has the solution for you.

Coldrooms / Freezer Rooms

Cold rooms are available in a variety of sizes according to your specific requirements and are equally suited to both retail and industrial refrigeration operations.

We also offer a full range of refrigeration plant and equipment, including compressors, electrical control panels are available. Our rooms are both efficient & robust to ensure minimum maintenance over the life of the room.

Ice Cream

Ice cream display cases range includes 6 display types: from the top-accessorized “Best and Star” display, which is suitable for professional and top quality ice cream shops, to “Diva Ventilata” and Statica con Riserva” display cases, which fit in smaller spaces selling ice cream products.

Keywords: Deli Solutions, energy efficiency, energy saving, preventative maintenance, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, refrigeration, stainless steel,

Other products and services from Rel


Professional Kitchens : REL Group | Refrigeration | Professional Kitchens | Deli Solutions

We will visit your site and provide Professional Advice on the best ergonomic layout for your professional kitchen taking HACCP into consideration and your particular operation. We aim to deliver a professional bespoke solution in gas and or electric cooking combinations– in a range of configurations – whatever your preference.


Air Conditioning : REL Group | Refrigeration | Professional Kitchens | Deli Solutions

The series incorporates the latest developments in Hitachi screw compressors and a sophisticated electronic control system to maintain constant outlet temperature and reduce operating costs. Nationwide Installation and commissioning – our technical teams are trained by equipment manufactures to ensure best possible practices are adhered to during installation.


Deli Solutions : REL Group | Refrigeration | Professional Kitchens | Deli Solutions

We can provide highly energy efficient equipment to reduce your energy bills we offer several innovative options to minimise your energy consumption and running costs. We can provide training for your staff to maximise work flow and efficiency for your staff safety. We fabricate Stainless Steel frames and wrap around counters to house hot and cold Deli counters.


Corporate : REL Group | Refrigeration | Professional Kitchens | Deli Solutions

Over the years R.E.L has built up solid relationships with some of the best in class international refrigeration companies to bring you quality equipment at competitive prices. Unlike others R.E.L’s approach is to be flexible allowing you to ‘Design your cabinet for your Product’. Preventative Maintenance on all cabinets allows for long term asset protection. REL offer a one stop shop for all your corporate refrigeration needs.


Technical Services : REL Group | Refrigeration | Professional Kitchens | Deli Solutions

At REL we pride ourselves on the technical abilities of our team, both on and off the road. Dedicated and fully equipped service vehicles on the road right across the country. An emergency out of hours and weekend service for maintenance and support. Experienced and qualified staff across all areas of the business.