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By: Reidybrophy  05/12/2011
Keywords: emergency management

We specialise in the design and delivery of customised training exercises in Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Business Continuity. Exercises can be conducted at three levels:

Orientation exercise

These are conducted with individuals or teams who have just developed or rewritten their plans, or are new to the role of Crisis/Emergency Management Team membership. These exercises are facilitator led, and are conducted in a manner that allows the participants to ‘ease in' to their role as a key player in consequence management.

Table-top exercise

These exercises are more focussed and faster moving, and are designed to exercise team members in implementing their plans and fulfilling their specified roles in a Crisis or Major Emergency. These can be short (up to two hours) or full-day exercises, and may involve examining a crisis over a period of days, or even weeks. All discussion is kept in-house and there is no contact with external agencies (although we often facilitate the participation of external agencies as ‘area experts' during these).

Fully simulated, or ‘live' exercise.

These are more complex exercises, usually designed and conducted for teams who have developed their competencies in Crisis and/or Emergency Management over time. Participants are required to deal directly with key stakeholders via telephone calls, press releases, live media interview , and fax and e-mail. Role players are used to represent different individuals, agencies and organisations, and are supervised in delivering scripted messages to the team on a prescribed timescale. Exercises of this nature are great opportunities for team building at senior and middle management levels, and are designed to meet clearly defined and agreed training objectives.

Keywords: emergency management

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Customised training workshops, usually lasting up to a half-day, are an excellent means of introducing a new or updated plans to the team of people who are expected to implement the plan, including the support and administrative staff with key roles during an incident/crisis.


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It's not easy taking problems one at a time when they refuse to get in line'. Risk assessment and identification of potential crisis scenarios. We offer the following services in Crisis Management. Development of Crisis Management plans. Expert advice in a time of crisis.


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ReidyBrophy operates to best practice as outlined in BS25999 and BCI guidelines. We offer the following services in Business Continuity Management. Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment. Development of Business Continuity plans. Plan testing and resilience building. Failure lies not in falling down.