wind turbines and renewable energy in Ireland

By: Regen Ni  05/12/2011
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Technical Support.
We will provide the required technical information to assist your decisions relating to placing a suitable wind turbine on your property. This will include the approximate annual mean wind speed in your area and an overview of the equipment that will be installed for your project.

Turbine Location
All of our wind turbines have free standing towers and require a concrete foundation. Suitable stable ground is required otherwise piling may be required. The location of the wind turbine will also consider the direction of the prevailing winds and the vicinity of any other residence in the area.

Ideally, the turbine should be as far as possible from buildings or trees which may block the wind and cause turbulence. As a guide, the wind generator should be about twice the height of obstructions in front of it (for at least the prevailing wind direction). The ideal location is at the top of a gentle south west facing slope. The best location for your turbine will be established during the site survey mentioned above.

Finance. We can direct you to a Finance Company if you wish to consider paying for your turbine over a period of time.

Planning Assistance
Northern Ireland. Your planning application requires the appropriate form, a site location map with site boundary and access road, site layout and location of the turbine, details of foundations and information regarding the turbine structure. We will process your application including all of the above information free of charge. However, you are required to provide the DOE planning fee (currently £335).

Republic of Ireland. Planning permission for a wind turbine may be exempt if the following conditions can be met: (confirm with your local council). 1. The turbine shall not be erected on or attached to a house or any building within the curtilage of the house. 2. The total height shall not exceed 13 metres. 3. The rotor diaameter shall not exceed 6 metres. 4. The minimum clearance between the lower tip of the rotor and ground level shall not be less than 3 metres. 5. The supporting tower shall be a distance of not less than the total structure height plus one metre from any party boundry. 6. Noise levels must not exceed 43db during normal operation or in excess of 5db above the background noise, whichever is greater as measured from the nearest dwelling. 7. No more than one turbine shall be erected within the cartilage of the house. 8. No such structure shall be constructed, erected or placed forward of the front wall of the house. 9. All turbine components shall have a matt non reflective finish. 10. No sign, advertisement or object not required for the functioning or safety of the turbine shall be attached or exhibited on the wind turbine. The Evance R9000 Wind turbine mounted on a 9 metre tower will meet these requirements. If the above conditions cannot be met the normal Planning application should be submitted. For a non exempt turbine within the curtilage of a house the planning fee is 34 euros. For a non exempt turbine outside the curtilage of a house the planning fee is 200 euros.

Complete installation, Turnkey Project
All electrical, mechanical, civil work and commissioning required for your project will be carried out by ReGen(ni) or one of our qualified sub contractors. Estimated pricing guide for the Evance R9000 is between £24k and £26k

Annual Service
Your evance R9000 wind turbine will require a service once a year. ReGen(ni) will carry out the service which will take one day at a standard charge of £250 includes VAT


Evance wind turbines are the most efficient, cost-effective small wind turbines available. Our turbines work with the wind to capture more energy at lower wind speeds. With energy prices set to rise year-on-year, your Iskra wind turbine delivers savings from the word go. Not only will it help reduce C02 emissions, once it’s paid for itself it will provide free energy for the rest of its working life.

ReGen(ni) are the sole Northern Ireland agents for EVANCE nad EVOCO. We also have agents in Munster, Leinster, and Connaught to provide an effective network throughout the island of Ireland.

Wind speed survey at your site

If you are in any doubt regarding wind speeds at your site, we can install an anemometer at the proposed turbine height to conduct a wind speed survey at your proposed turbine location.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: renewable energy, Wind Turbine, wind turbines

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