By: Redzinc  05/12/2011

VELOX™ is a solution which delivers wholesale to Web Video Portals, CDNs and other carriers in conjunction with an IP distribution network.
VELOX™ delivers the wholesale new order for IP carriers.
•    Create a Premium Public Internet.
•    Offer HD Video solutions to Web Video Portals, On-line gaming companies and associated CDN networks.
•    Monetise your network QoS capability.
•    Create new white label services for HD Video, Video Collaboration, Video Advertising, On Line Gaming and Cloud Computing.
•    Create new value for your wholesale partners.

VELOX™ is a session service quality platform which integrates to your IP and carrier ethernet network as a control plane overlay.
•    Create a new Service Control platform with superior economics for your network.
•    Differentiate your network between best effort and higher value packets.
•    Construct wholesale white label session services within your infrastructure.
•    Offer an application program interface to Web Video Portals.
•    Implement CAC/RACF resource management admission control in your network.
•    Generate bulk transaction charges at your IP peering interface for peering and transit partners.

VELOX™ enables service pipes to be set up on carrier ethernet infrastructure. The pipes can have different QoS performance treatments (BE, AF, EF) and can be invoked/modified/charged by 3rd parties
•    Provide Self Management Portals to third party carriers.
•    Deploy services from a portfolio of service offerings.
•    Define network and pricing characteristics for the service offerings.
•    Automatically control network elements to deliver the scripts.
•    Produce charge records with monetary values for each event for periodic wholesale bulk billing