Redundancy Protection - Protect you income if you lost your job or were made redundant

By: Redundancy Protection  05/12/2011
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Redundancy Protection is not like anything you’ve seen before, we do something completely different! We provide people with peace of mind from what is now a very real worry . . . . . loosing their income through Redundancy or Job loss!!!!!

We are all familiar with income protection plans which pay a benefit (usually after 6-12 months) if you get ill or have an accident.  What about if you But what if you loose your job? These plans pay you NOTHING!

What would you worry about if you lost your job? Would it be the mortgage & car repayments & other loans?  Or would it be putting food on the table, paying bills and providing for yourself & your family??? These are the things that we cannot live without!

It is safe to say that if you don’t have the cash to pay your mortgage or your car loans your bank will still be survive financially . . . . . but will you?????

If you are self employed, great! The good news is you can protect your income too, from the pressures of business failure or if you cannot work through an accident an illness!

Plan Summary:

  • Covers up to €2,000 per month (or 75% of net pay), whichever is lower
  • Social Welfare Entitlements ARE NOT affected by making a claim.
  • YOU DONT PAY TAX on the benefits from our plan.
  • Self Employed business failure cover.
  • Guaranteed acceptance age 16 - 64.
  • Cover to age 65
  • Protection 24 hours a day - at home, at work, at play
  • Plan covers Redundancies, Accidents, Illnesses, (Optional Cover – Hospitalisation & Critical Illnesses)
  • Policy comes in force after only a few days (once initial administration is completed)
  • Benefits payable from the very 1st day you stop working

Free Financial Review!

What plans have you got in place at present? How much are you paying for them? When is the last time you reviewed your existing plans? Are you over insured?

If you’ve thought about any of the above questions why not give us a call, we can review your plans & find out if you are getting good value. Our research has shown that the majority of people are paying way over the odds for their existing cover.

To put it into perspective, if you saved only €20 per month on a plan, over 20 years that ends up saving you



So don't be a mug!! Call us today.

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Keywords: income protection, redundancy