By: Redboots Photography  05/12/2011
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I photographed a hundred plus adorable school kiddos and had a lot of fun in the process.

Some parents who are having difficulties viewing their child/children’s photo requested me to give them fool proof steps.

O.K., here are 8 steps  to follow:

Step 1: Log on your Facebook account

Step 3: After selecting you will see this page and you need to click the  ”+1 Add Friend” 

Step 4: Wait for us to accept your “friend request”. You will see the button change to “+1 friend request sent”

Step 5: Once we confirm, you will get a Facebook notification that Angela Martin (Redboots) accepted your friend request . Your notification might not happen until the end of the day if I’m away from my office.

Step 7: After selecting you will see this page and you need to click the  ”photos”

Step 8: Find which photo album you would like to view!


What was the most creative costume you saw this year? I think my vote(s) would be on the Invisible Man or Beaker from The Muppet Show.

This year my eldest decided not to dress up for the first time ever. This is definitively one of many mile markers of getting old. I guess being fourteen, Halloween is seen more for the kiddies and the mental parents that have the bizarre urge to join in with the festivities.

At what age does a child recognise the gift of Halloween for what it is or when he/she feels like they’ve grown “too old” to dress up on Halloween?

A question for parents:  How do we make the most of the magic and imaginative potential that Halloween provides for the few years we have our impressionable children?

I L-O-V-E  Halloween even more than Christmas. I don’t remember any year that I didn’t dress up.

Really, how can there be an age limit placed on who celebrates Halloween? Stop worrying. Life is just too short to worry about the little things.

A couple links to share for Halloween Photography Tips:

Keywords: Photography

Other products and services from Redboots Photography



We use giclée printing on archival canvas to provide additional museum level archival protection which can last for 75 years without color fading. Gallery wrap canvas is a great way to decorate your rooms. Any photo can be custom designed into a boutique card.



This is a 2.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and 1.5 feet focus range with 256 MB internal memory stores up to 2000 photos which allow your child to become your personal family photographer. All my four children were very intrigued and engrossed with the movie making and video editing features. I was asked by a lovely client if the Vtech Kidizoom video cam would be best purchase for Christmas.


School Portraits

I found the advantage of the fresh air beneficial to not having headshots that resemble a stuffiness of tightly controlled passport photos. Today was brilliant seeing some familiar faces, meeting new amazing individuals and creating some fun and modern school portraits. I’ve been warned that some people are nostalgic about the classic school picture and don’t like change.



I remember that as a newborn she was such a peaceful little dote and now she’s seriously the happiest little chicken. I photographed little d when she was still in his Mum’s tummy as well as when she was just over a week old. Can’t wait to see what bespoke 2011 Christmas photo card we will design for little d ~ watch this post. She warmed up to me in no time and gave me the cutest smiles.