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By: Realview  05/12/2011
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1. What is the V-Screen?

The V-Screen is a unique screen accessory for the Sony® PSP handheld game console, offering gamers a terrific leap in optical enhancement. It uses pioneering optical technology to add a feeling of greater depth to all PSP games and videos. PSP users who have a V-Screen can experience this effect, and have more exciting and realistic experiences. This ground-breaking technology, referred to as “Depth Enhancement Technology”, produces an effect that’s similar to 3D, but different in that you feel you are being drawn into the full depths of the action.

2. How does this technology work?

The “Depth Enhancement Technology” used in the V-Screen is based on a revolutionary breakthrough from RealView’s optical engineers. While exploring new technology for astronomy and medical imaging, they discovered how to further change their properties of special optical devices during the manufacturing and assembly processes. The resulting technology gives the viewer more depth signals. The technology is patented and RealView has numerous additional patent applications ready to file.

3. Who discovered this pioneering technology?

The technology is the brainchild of two creative optical engineers, Eamonn Ansbro and John Braithwaite. Both are highly experienced optical specialists who have worked in the industry for over twenty years. They saw the downside of other 3D technologies, which they found to be uncomfortable, expensive, and limited in terms of suitable content.

Their backgrounds in astronomy and optical manufacturing meant they both had an in-depth understanding of light waves and precision optics. They combined this with their specialist knowledge of depth perception and 3D to develop an innovative solution. They decided to enhance the viewing experience through the transformation of the screen technology. Their goal was to do this in a way that is comfortable to the sensory system, practical to manufacture in high volume, and affordable to purchase by PSP users around the world.

4. Does this technology require any special software, electronics or head-gear?

The V-Screen’s technology isn’t electrical and special goggles or glasses are not needed. It comes in a light-weight holder into which you slip the PSP, which protects it when you are on the road. It is perfectly mobile and easy to use.

5. Why did RealView Innovations Ltd. chose the Sony PSP console to debut this technology?

RealView chose to make an accessory for the PSP because its screen has excellent brightness and resolution characteristics. PSP games have fabulous, high-quality graphics – a perfect combination. Our engineers get the most inspiration and enjoyment working with devices that have a good optical foundation. RealView’s technology adds to these strengths by bringing an extra dimension of depth and greater realism.

6. What is it about the V-Screen that will make it succeed where other 3D handhelds have failed?

The V-Screen has a wonderful visual effect. Playing a game or watching a video is instantly more enjoyable. There’s nothing to configure, it’s easy and comfortable to use, and you can use it with all your existing games, videos and films. The slightly larger screen size helps you see fine detail more clearly. Some users find that the V-Screen reduces glare and reflections. And it’s affordable!

7. Will the V-Screen be compatible with the PSP Go?

The initial V-Screen is designed to fit the PSP 1000, 2000, 3000 and “Slim” series. A V-Screen model designed for the PSP Go is under development.

8. What does the V-Screen cost?

The V-Screen’s recommended retail price is €39.99.

9. When and where can I buy the V-Screen?

The V-Screen was launched at CES, Las Vegas, USA on the  7 January 2010. Sales are possible through selected distributors or via our website. We will be announcing a full list of retailers in later in 2010. Please keep an eye on our website for details.

10. Is RealView Innovations Ltd. planning to produce other products using this technology?

Definitely! We have a number of exciting new innovations already in the pipeline for 2010. These include screen accessories to fit larger monitors, televisions and digital signage. We’ve also got a prototype for the iTouch and a variety of mobile phones. The beauty of RealView’s technology is that it is flexible and adaptable.

11. Will this technology be showcased at any future events or exhibitions?

You can see the full product range at CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10 2010. We are also organising a calendar of events across the UK and Europe. Please check our website for local updates.

12. Can you tell us a little bit more about RealView Innovations Ltd.?

RealView Innovations Ltd. was founded in 2001 by Eamonn Ansbro, John Braithwaite and Catherine Ansbro. The company is based in County Roscommon, Ireland, and has additional R&D facilities in Scotland.

In the early years, much of RealView’s work was dedicated to the development of the core technology. In 2007-8 key technical breakthroughs occurred. They revealed the potential of the patented “Depth Enhancing Technology” to revolutionise the personal entertainment and video games markets, and led to the development of the V-Screen.

In 2010 RealView’s focus will broaden to include other areas such as television accessories, mobile phones, and large screens for flight simulation and digital signage.

13. Where are your products manufactured?

RealView’s manufacturing partner is Hasbro Ireland Ltd., which has a world-class manufacturing facility in Ireland. They have developed a state-of-the-art clean-room environment for our products and we are delighted to be in partnership with them.

14. Are you a global company?

Yes. In addition to our HQ in Ireland we have personnel and strategic partners in the UK, USA and Japan. Our current distribution network includes Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa.

15. What are your plans for the future?

RealView Innovations Ltd. is growing rapidly to accommodate the roll-out of new products. 2010 will be a busy time; not only will we be establishing our global sales and marketing teams for our own manufactured products, we’ll also be developing partnerships with a number of major corporations who are interested in integrating our technology in televisions, cell phones, displays and home projection systems.

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Keywords: games, Optical Technology, screens

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