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By: Ramp Riders  05/12/2011

News « Ramp-Riders > Skatepark Builders

I just returned from probably the most interesting project  I have ever been a part of. The Nike Pool build in London. It was basically an old public swimming pool that was being knocked down, the building and all, to make room for a new one next door.

(the pool had to be drained very very slowly actually as it was possible that the whole building could come down if done too quickly)

So NIKE took the place over and  turned it into this.

It was quite a big crew for this one as the park design was pretty complicated and the site itself was very awkward to get materials in and out. But shockingly after only 6 days from the time the pool was drained the park was completed and painted. AMAZING!

The crew was made up of about 14 germans, 1 american(Ryan Corrigan) and myself. Pretty much the same crew as for the barcelona mission but unfortunately Axel and Perico were not on this one.

Heres Ryan doing a walk abouts after the build looking for another view for a pic. Myself and him were all over the corners and weird shapes again.

I really like the pool details that were left around the park. The place looked awesome.

Myself and Ryan had just finished this last section while the others were painting around us. Its still hard to believe we pulled this whole thing off in 6 days.

The Germans were great workers as usual and absolutely crazy fun. On the last day after the painting was finished they painted themselves blue and ran around the park skating and riding. They even lined themselves up side by side on the deck of one of the ramps while some of the other guys proceeded to wall ride them and do tire taps.

I did a power tourist trip on the last evening over there and got to see quite a bit of london in a few short hours. Nice place.