Active Crew

By: Rainmaker  05/12/2011
Keywords: Post Flight

Crew being a critical resource also of course represents a significant cost centre, accounting on average for 15% of total costs of running the airline. That is why the Rainmaker Active Crew suite of applications has an enormous focus on optimisation of valuable resource, control of costs, transparency and speed of reporting. The common themes running through the Active Crew applications include:

  • Providing a shared view to crew and ops management on a selective basis and in real time
  • Eliminating cumbersome paper based processes around pre-flight briefing and post flight reporting
  • Delivering real time ops intelligence
  • Determining the real variable cost of every duty and every flight on a granular filtered basis by crew member, by crew category, by crew base, by route network, by fleet, by bid/roster period, by season

Active Crew is designed to keep crew actively doing what they are best at.

Keywords: Post Flight

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Active Operations

The Rainmaker Active Ops suite of applications at one level is about giving management easy access to critical performance indicators on fuel consumption, on-time performance, delays breakdown ground services usage. These applications become tools to equip the in-house business analysts to data mine and slice & dice across key data points to generate reports and facilitate active modelling/planning.


Crew Pay and Allowances

Crew Pay is driven by the equipment flown, the leg, the Crew Position, the Deadhead type, the flight number range etc - these determine the appropriate credit to be paid for an individual activity into the relevant Pay Buckets. The Rainmaker Crew Pay application is a web-based system that streamlines the entire pay process delivers the highest levels of accuracy and timely payments for crew allowances and per diems.


Crew Variable Cost Analyser

Often there is no effective way to measure 'Budget' versus 'Planned' versus 'Operated' schedule and as a result not being able to readily identify where waste is occurring due to:- over-optimised roster planning- inappropriate establishment planning- operations reactionary management. The 'Pain Points' in any crew solution are generally not knowing the true variable cost of crewing and operating any given schedule until it's too late.


Flight Crew Training Records

This Flight Crew Training Application also captures 'Training Captain' reports from training sectors, stores information related to standards and progress, and presents them in the appropriate manner to those needing that information.


Crew Flight Portal

This is all about taking the paper out of the processes surrounding pre-flight and post flight and in moving to electronic format, the compiling of critical information from multiple diverse sources is facilitated. Electronic cabin reports are also a valuable development in ease of filing and instant updating of relevant departments with critical information.


Crew Utilisation

Measure and Compare Hotels nights, Crew Hrs, Positioning and Flights from Initial Pairings, Published Roster to Achieved Roster. The objective here is to provide an analysis of performed flying for a given period against planned and against published. This gives true insight to disruption and changes and the quality of decisions made in the moment. Flight Duty Allowance / Subsistence Allowance.


Active Operations Overview

Operations Overview presents the status of the schedule in clear and live methods, allowing for 'drill down' access to see individual flight status and access Voyage Reports and Flight Briefs for any flight. Reaction times to problems decreases though awareness of situations. Users do not need toaccess 'core systems' to view data. Enhanced control through access to all.