How much can you save

By: Questzones  05/12/2011

For a customised quote to find out exactly how much less you can pay, please provide us with the following details:

We will also need your phone bill and your broadband bill (they may be on the same bill). You can send these in one of two ways:

We will contact you with a Net Cost Assessment in the next 7 days.

Please note, the form submission is currently not working. Please print the fax header and fax the details required to the fax number printed on the header.

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IP Transact

QuestZones broadband solutions ensure that your network transacts your Point of Sale card payments three to four times faster than dial-up. We provide different levels of service that run over fixed line DSL, wireless and/or wireless 3G. Often reduces telecoms charges due to reduced number of network connections and suppliers. Instant connectivity with suppliers and business partners.


Business Internet Broadband

QuestZones Business Internet Broadband solution is a single broadband connection with varying speeds up to 24M available under a 12 month or 36 month bonded contract. Managed, resilient, always on service.